Lidocaine Nose Spray

Has anyone used Lidocaine Nose Spray?

I'm thinking that this will help numb the nerve that goes to the nose and radiates through your teeth. The nerve that makes you feel like someone is continually trying to rip out your teeth with spikes and chisels. I hope that this spray helped with this pain in bringing it down a notch or numbing it all together. Especially since I'm so congested and can't do anything about it.

I had a couple of weeks of being pain free, in which, I dared to take a temp job which starts next week and now I'm regretting doing that. The pain came back. I'm using the Lidocaine Ointment to no avail. This job doesn't require a lot of talking but right now I can't talk at all!

It's amazing how I can think I can try to live a normal life when I have a few days pain free.

I would have loved to have lidocaine nasal spray for my teeth, cheek, nose, and lip, Jenny, but my doctors wouldn't prescribe it for me "because it is a systemic drug, and it won't help anyway because it's topical so won't touch the pain." Morons. I hope you can get some and try it. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you!


Thanks Beth. If I can get it I will let you know if it helps or not. So far the mouthwash works the best, I like the ointment but it's tougher to spread with a q-tip but when I get it just right it feels so good. I only wish it would last longer so I don't have to carry the bottle and q-tips everywhere I go. lol

If anyone here has tried it can you tell what prescription you got? For instance ml, dose, how many times a day.

I have a new Neuro who doesn't offer anything (or I get the feeling he doesn't know much about it even though he says he does) but will prescribe what I ask to try. I just have to tell him dosage.


John, thank you so much! I have read that the concern is it getting to the throat too but as you know the pain is so horrific this is worth a try. If I can't get the spray I will try your way. I will probably do your way anyway for now. I am used to not brushing my teeth and eating and drinking but the suffering is so horrific this makes so much sense. The mouthwash is great but doesn't last long enough to breath, well maybe a short breath lol, but the pain renders me immobile. Although the numbing effect feels sooo good.

The thought of numbing the nerve that way makes so much sense to me. I will let you know how I fare especially since I took this temp job. Now I feel like I jumped the gun with this temp job but getting a pay check again sounded so good and the fact that there is not too much talking or no talking at all sounded great. Working on computers is a sole job.

I can't believe going to the mountains set be back like this and that it render Pregabalin ineffective. I am scared to death of the winter too.

Thanks again,