Lidocaine infusion or oral Ketamine

Can anyone tell me about the above

I don’t know about oral Ketamine, but my husband had the Lignocaine infusion. It was done in ICU so that he was very carefully monitored, and constantly attached to an ECG and his heart was constantly monitored because of the possible side effects of the Lignocaine Infusion. He was on the infusion for 4 days.

The Neurologist used the infusion because my husband had endured agony for over three weeks and was becoming dehydrated because he neither ate nor drank. He lost 8 kgs in that time! I was told that they gradually increase the lignocaine percentage until it is effective and the heart is coping. This allows the other drugs - in our case gabapentin, endep and tegretol - to reach an effective level and block the pain from the nerve. It worked.

Thank you for your reply.I have severe hyponatremia maybe caused by tegretol,but as I am on so many other meds, they do not know, so the latest plan is, come off 800mg tegretol and 300mg of pregabelin at 100mg every 4 days.Then oral ketamine after all that followed by lidnocaine infusion.I told the consultant I did not think she realised that asking me to go down to no pain relief after 10 years of TN, and an MVD which only lasted 3 years was a lot to take on.They kept referring to Phsychological help, my response was , I studied Physchology at university and CBT etc, and my pain was REAL and why does no one understand.I am getting pretty desperate now.

Jacq, I don’t know if this will help, but they did a Ketamine infusion on me and I did not experience any relief. However, I was relieved of the $500 that they charged me because a Ketamine infusion is not approved for the treatment of TN. When you’re desperate you agree to try anything.