Left index finger pain

Has anyone else experienced this? And what is the relation to TN? Contemplating wrapping the first joint to avoid feeling this pain in addition to my daily TN pain.

Have you had an MRI of your neck - do have a kyphotic curve of your neck and/or a disc herniation/prolapse at c56? Often times there are weird and wonderful things that happen in the face when your neck gets messed up… the finger could be clue to your symptoms. Good luck.

Yes, I experienced that too and still do from time to time. It seems kind of counterintuitive that your finger would hurt from facial pain but it is not entirely uncommon. Keep the hand finger warm….gloves? I found massaging it gently works. Best of luck!

Pain in the extremities is quite unlikely to be related to TN, Taesha. Major curvature of the cervical spine can cause such problems, but is rarely implicated in TN pain as such.

What were you considering as a wrap? If this pain is really distracting, then I would suggest that you be evaluated for rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatric arthritis as possible medical causes of pain in your hands.

What meds do you take? Several years ago I developed horrible pain in my knees, but no arthritis on x-rays. They could not find a cause and just came up with some cockamamy diagnosis. I suffered for months until I started doing my own reasearch. Turned out it was an uncommon side effect (arthralgia, or joint pain) to one of my meds...and it didn't develop until after I had been on it for almost a year. After I stopped the med...miraculously all the pain went away. Made me furious that not ONE SINGLE medical professional looked at my meds for possible side effects.

Have you recently came off any medications?

HI Taesha,

When I saw your post, I had to laugh because it reminded me of a joke. Not laughing at your finger though. You could experience limb or hand nerve pain and atypical TN if they are both caused by a pinched nerve in the neck, but it's pretty unlikely that would happen or be associated with TN if it's in a joint. Like Red said, you need to get checked for an injury or joint inflammation. Ok here's the joke. A lady went to the Dr. and told him "Doc, everywhere I touch, it hurts. If I touch my shoulder with my finger, it hurts. If I touch my stomach or head, it hurts. It's like that all over." The Dr. said "Well no wonder. Your finger is broken." lol. Arnica Gel (made by Rub A535) has no smell and really helps areas of pain. I'd rather use external methods of pain control for one joint than take more meds.

Best wishes!

Thanks to all of you for responding. I am on several medications. I am currently taking Tegretol and neurontin (post MVD 12/21/12). I also take hydrocodone and occasionally ibuprofen. I have noticed that when recently I had a stomach virus I came off the meds and the pain in my hip and ankles subsided could my medicine be the reason? I am definitely asking my neurologist about another MRI this time for my neck. The other 5 were for the MVD.

Sheila, hilarious!

I must also mention that I am a phlebotomist at a children’s hospital. But as I am right handed cannot explain the pain in my left finger. I am constantly rotating my neck and can hear and feel all sorts of pops and creaks. I even go to a message therapist once a week and find some relief. I read on her about some finding relief in a chiropractor specializing in the cervical vertebrae I doubt I can find that here in WV but I will ask my Neuro.

Joint pain is listed as a side effect of tegretol


and arthralgia (joint pain) is also a frequent side effect with neurontin


Joint pain of the types discussed on RxList is usually generalized, rather than specific to a particular digit. I'd be more suspicious of a nerve pinch in the cervical spine, or more likely some form of arthritis. A talk with a Rheumatologist is a good idea here.

Regards, Red

Good idea to have further studies done. Finger pain is often related to a pinched nerve in the cervical spine. But arthralgia does not have to be generalized. My pain was limited to my knees, one more than the other. No cause was ever found and when I went off the meds, the pain disappeared and has never returned.

Sometimes I have stabbing pain in my fingers, wrist or toes. Very odd but it’s only on occasion but noticable. I am also on Tegretal


I have pain not only on my index finger but on my left arm & left foot also. I hv been diagnosed with atypical nerve neuralgia.

Do hot fermentation , it helps

I have it all the time. Especially swollen fingers that are horribly stiff in the morning. My pain is in my right hand. Get numbness and burning in my hands at night. Rheumo dr had to give me injection to help elevate the pain. I have carpal tunnel like symtons. But also have pinched nerves in my neck.

Lot's of comments for your finger. I hope your are right handed. I lost the use of my index finger and thumb herniating at c5-c6 but that pain is more like shock like spasm and burning. Also problems just using it. I do agree with Red on what he thinks it might be. At the time of my herniation I was post op tmj surgery with ATN but I know for sure mine was a disc herniation.

Like the joke about the broken finger! If you are left handed having an index finger go can make things very difficult. Even if you aren't it is still a pain in the butt to lose the use of an index finger. I would try splinting it for possible overuse syndrome. Sharon

I also had the left index finger pain. It is actually listed as a symptom of TN on several sites online. I would get that same electric jolt type pain if it was moved the wrong way. Taesha is your pain the same kind as your TN pain? My finger pain came months before i got my first TN shock. Mine went from mindblowing electric jolts to 24/7 boring pain mingled with jolts in the third branch mainly. I swear I developed spiderman like senses, whenever I went into a room I immediately zoned in on any fans or vents as the slightest breeze would intensify the pain. I really felt my life was over. Long story short I was lead to a doctor and physical therapist who use Mckenzie method. I did an exercise that pushed a bulging disc back into place and I no longer had the TN pain for over a year. until last week(made me think of you all again) it came back on the right side instead of left. I could tell something had flared and there was soreness and inflammation in my neck. I did the exercises again and the pain was gone in just a few days. I personally believe a lot of TN atypical and typical comes from problems in the neck referring pain to the face. The underlying cause in my case is Lyme disease. But That's another can of worms. My doctor did say the bulging disc does not usually show up or is not usually read as a problem on MRI. Mine didn't show up but when she pushed on the facet joints in the back of my neck they were very sore. Anyway just sharing hoping to help others that may benefit from what I did. My cost for the physical therapy was about what it cost for one visit to the neurologist.

It is true that some TN and ATN can come from problems with the neck. I started to have problems with my neck when I was very young and atypical facial pain showed up not long after. I also have tmj, tmj surgery when I was 29, I am 58 now and for 3 years I have been having ATN, atypical GN, tmj flare ups and my neck pain preceded all of these. I am fused at 3 levesl from herniated discs and I get a lot of muscle problems with my neck. Rhizotomy, botox and PT settled my neck down but the neuralgias did not go away. I did enjoy a very long remission from the ATN, almost 20 years, but it did return and worse plus the atypical GN has been new.

I have seen some info on chiropractic helping TN by treating the neck. I of course can not have that. There is a specific treatment done. It is worth a try if you have neck pain with your TN or ATN. Sharon

Well, aliscott I did have that MRI of my cervical spine ordered by my neurologist. I got an unexpected call from my GP who told me that any tests that are performed automatically come to him and that he reviewed the MRI and found that I have cervical disc disease in C4,C5,C6,C7. They left finger pain has transformed into pain in both hands particularly my right. I now have weakness just opening my medication bottles. I have occasional swelling too. The pain in my hands is constant and my meds that keep my TN st bay are doing absolutely nothing for this new painful annoyance. He said in this case he would refer me to the Brain and Spine Associated but since my neurologist is an associate there he will let him handle the treatment. I'm sure I'm headed to physical therapy which seems almost impossible because I work overnights 930pm -630 am and any type of daytime commitment is incredibly difficult combined with the heavy fatigue I already experience from my medications. I really need some type of relief. I also have constant pain in right hip with very limited range of motion. Tying my shoe, putting on socks, in and out of a car, and from sitting to standing just to name a few restrictions. I continue to work 40+ hours a week at Women and Children's as a phlebotomist where my experience with venipuncture on children cause me to work sometimes 50+ hours. I can't afford to lower my hours.