Laser Treatment for TN2?

Has anyone had or heard of Laser treatment for TN2? Laser Treatment Center in Myrtle Beach SC claims that they perform Laser treatments over a 2.5 week period and cure TN.

Hi, please send a message to RED LAWHERN about this. We cannot endorse this treatment here at LwTN and truly hope you are able to weigh up all the facts before embarking on any expensive treatment.

Even surgeons cannot promise to cure TN.

yes i came across the site about a week ago!

It sounds kinda hinky- having to stay 2-3 weeks for daily treatments- and just evaluated by thier in house physician.

FUZZY said:

yes i came across the site about a week ago!

im not sure if insurances will let you go ! so it could be a out of pocket expense ! im not sure !

No insurance that I am aware of covers this treatment.

HINKY or not ! if theres anything positive to it ! might just be worth a call at the very least! no more HINKY than a lot of doctors ! being evaluated by someone else is NO BIG DEAL! no harm in a phone call it is toll free! just to get more info. i have read the online info!

I have been told that this place is a scam. Please message Red to be sure though. But if it WERE true, I think we would ALL have gone there to get treatment. Good luck!

i dont know if its a scam or not. i only know what i have read online. [ which means nothing] !! but unless there is 1st hand knowledge [ hearing something] [means nothing as well]! at least to me ! though i would not be a bit surprised to find that out![ scam ] and if it was me going there [ if THERE is ACTUALLY a PLACE ]! LOL they wouldnt be very happy with ME afterwords! if you get my meaning?? taking advantage of people who are trying to get help doesnt sit very well with me ! im sure not with anyone us !!!

I have corresponded with the poster separately, and I'll repeat here what I shared: I've previously interacted with a few patients who had serious complaints with the center in Myrtle Beach. The owner of the Center attempted to intimidate at least one of those patients into withdrawing complaints she made to consumer hotlines and the Better Business Bureau, after her "treatment" failed. Our site has also had some highly abusive comments from people affiliated with the Center as spammers, when they were informed that we do not allow solicitation of patients here.

I researched the medical literature last year for controlled randomized trials on low level laser illumination for neurological issues, and found nothing useful. In my personal opinion as a reasonably well informed medical layman, these people are phony as a three dollar bill.


Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LwTN

Thanks to all for the input – I will not consider this a viable option. Lets quit this discussion now-…