Klonopin helps for me

I am on three meds that help for my TN

Trileptal which is the biggest help

Tramadol which takes the edge off but was actually on for it's anti-depressant qualities long before TN

Klonopin which I used for pelvic pain. I take it at night and find when I take it, it takes the pain all the way to where I can smile and feel no pressure or residual pain. Just thought I'd tell this group that Klonopin is working for me in conjunction with the other meds and might help others. Clomazipam is the generic form. So keep it in mind when trying to get a mix of meds that work. It didn't work alone but does with the other two. Perhaps it has been keeping TN at bay for years before my first attack.

I take Klonopin too. I know many people who take it and find relief. It is often prescribed for those with various types of TN. Not only does it help with the pain, but it also helps with the anxiety, so it's a "two-fer" for me. Glad to hear it's helping you.