Kind of amusing [a practicing D.O. ] pain management

i went to my pain management doctor yesterday. dont get me wrong here he knows about the management of PAIN! i actually saw this doctor years b4 for back issues. he didnt remember me and apparently had no records of me being there b4. so i knew something about him! he treated my back pain with a ROCK that he had in his treatment room! lmao so when i went in the room the 1st thing i looked for was THAT ROCK! oh it was still THERE! lol it didnt help the back pain! lol but when he had me lay on his table yesterday he started feeling around my head and neck area. after a few minutes of this i just couldnt resist ASKING him WHAT the HELL HE WAS DOING !!! he told me he would explain when he was done. and he did in the D.O. way! told me tightness in some areas can cause or contribute to facial pain! but in the end says he believes i have some TN action taking place!! and that manipulation may not be of benefit! but he may still try! though he did not take over 100% of my pain management ! as i am being treated by my family doc, neurology for the time being and now him [ he did prescribe toradol to take the place of vicodin ] and a facial cream! practicing D.O.s are a rare breed and i do believe in some instances they have a very good place in the treatmenet of pain! TN PAIN [ other than meds ] i dont know ! i used to have a my family doc but didnt practice the manipulation part of it! OK that being said i did mention a FACIAL CREAM! this cream is coming from a place called DERMATRAN! it is mixed INDIVIDUALLY for EVERY PATIENT according to whatever the doctor ORDERS to BE PUT IN IT! strengths of meds in the cream are again ordered by the doctor! HAS ANY1 EVER TRIED A CREAM FROM THIS PLACE?? [DERMATRAN?] if so any luck with it? i looked it up and what he said it says! it is mixed by it didnt have TN listed as 1 of the uses for the cream. but many other neuropathic pain causing diseases were listed! i do know strengths of the cream are designed for EACH INDIVIDUAL PATIENT! they actually call you and you can call them 24-7 ! hope you all found some humor in a not so humorous situation we are all in! tc

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I've heard of Dermatran! My dad uses it for arthritis pain and loves it! Like you said, I don't know if it's for TN, but it would be worth checking out. They specially formulate creams for each person that go straight to the painful area instead of taking a pill that sends meds to all parts of your body. Sounds good to me. Might be better than a rock! LOL- loved your story!