So, I've been using this face cream my neurologist prescribed and I am still in pain. Now he wants to try infusion of Keppra. It takes about 5 hours to do and if the pain subsides he will prescribe the pills.

Has anyone had an infusion of Keppra for their TN? Hope everyone is doing well.

what kind of face cream is it? and what is keppra never heard of it?

face cream was made by a compounding pharmacy. It is a combination of ketam 10%, Baclofen 2%, Imiprimine 3%, Nifed 2%, Tet Rac 2%. Keppra fall under the antiseizure medications.

I just read your profile and it says you have type 2 pain. If i could suggest a different compound cream a friend of mine on here uses its a compound of lidocane, gabapentin, and capsacin she has type 2 pain also i've been wanting to get some for myself but i at the moment have no insurance and can't work so waitin on disability. And I have read on the facial pain association that tricylic anti depressents are better for type 2 pain which is what i have also i take nortriptyline which has helped quite a bit with my pain although i still haven't gotten a stable hold on my pain it has helped with the crawling feelings and sharp pains and crushing i was getting.. i still have that headachy feeling and sometimes turns into a mirgraine that makes me bedridden. As far as the keppra ..have you done well with the anti sez meds?

I cannot use depakote, lyrica, lamictal, gabapentin, tegretol or triliptal.

If Keppra is an anti-seizure drug----why do they think you could use this?

I've only heard of ketamine infusions here - never heard how they finally did though!

Doctor seems to think it has less side affects as the others

I've never heard of this...but then,i am still relatively new.

Please keep posting about it...whether it works, etc...more info is good info!

Wishing you peace


They have had me on keppra after each of my mvd surgeries. Not sure it’s doing much of anything, but I’m taking it.

Started Keppra and so far some relief. I take 500 mg 2 times a day. Will keep you posted

Hi, Do you mind me asking why you can't take the described medication? I'm wondering as I'm allergic to Tegretol, Gabapentin doesn't work for me and I am now on Lyrica and have found the same. Its just not touching the pain. I was proscribed lidocane patches but they don't do a thing. I am on here today trying to find another medication I can ask my doctor for. Thanks
Cookster said:

I cannot use depakote, lyrica, lamictal, gabapentin, tegretol or triliptal.

Debra I had side effects with depakote lyrica lamictal gabapentin tegreal and triliptal. The Keppra is revising a little relief but I just started.

Hello Cookster, i was reading on a post that you had some allergies to meds, have you tried oxycarbazepine, I was watching an informative video on Tn given by Dr Ken Casey and he was explaining that if you are allergic to tegretol even though its name is similar as carbazepine or brand name tegretol you van take this med because the formula is actually different. This is good for patients unable to take tegret because of side effects which alot of us have or allergy to that med. Check out his video on Vimeo the docs name is Ken Casey, learned and worked with Dr Peter Janetta , hes in Michigan now. Hope it helps!

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Joanne (tatto20)

Have not had the infusion of Keppra, but have read a lot about Keppra for the treatment of TN. Is supposed to be very promising in treating the pain, and with less side effects than some of the other anti-epileptic drugs. Read some great comparision studies done, and results were quite favorable for Keppra. Of course, we all have different body systems, but when we deal with this type of pain, it is worth a try. There is also another newer medication out there called--Vimpat. It is supposed to be effective for both Type 1 and Type 2 according to the sources I read, and at fairly low doses. Not sure if available in generic at this point in time---so would be rough for those who don't have insurance to help out---but side effects are supposed to be very low. Hope you find this helpful---and I have read that sometimes these drug infusion therapies can be very promising. Good luck!

Keppra or (levetiracetam), it’s an anti-seizure medication.
I recently tried this med over the course of 2 1/2 months, unfortunately for me it didn’t really do anything except increase my
"Drugged up ness" factor. I’ve recently weaned off of it and increased one of my existing meds as I had decreased it to add the Keppra in the first place.
I’m now trying something else…
I’ve never heard of a Keppra infusion…interesting. Did you try it?
It’s trial and error for all of us.
Hope it has worked for you.

Hi everyone, I have type 2 tn and I had mvd 11 days ago and so far I don't notice anything really that different. I still have the burning achy pains with severe tinnitus. Does anyone know if the pain will gradually go away with time? I wonder if it just takes time for the nerves to stop firing. My doc says when he went in I had two compressed nerves, the trigeminal and the geniculate. I have had this for 8 years and I'm hoping that it will subside.