Keeping a diet to reduce pain in TN & Type 2 Diabetes

My mom's pain seems worse in the last few days than it's been. I notice that her blood sugar levels drop when she is having bad pain. Her primary case dr. has expressed the need to keep her sugar levels between 80-120, and most times she drops to 44-70. I have had to call 911 twice in the last month because of slurring and loss of vision when she's low and I know how dangerous it is. Life-threatening no doubt. My problem isn't preparing healthy food. It's getting her to try it. I understand she cannot eat a lot of the time but when she can, its so hard to get her to try new foods. My mom is extremely stubborn and set in her ways, at 81, it's common. That being said, nothing will change if she doesn't feel that it's HER decision so there is a lot of careful creative thinking out before I speak in order to do something out of the "ordinary." Last night she was crying in pain, her blood sugar level was 62 (I wasn't surprised), and she wanted a cup of orange juice, 7-up with a splash of salt and yogurt. I know the oj was mandatory to bring her sugar #'s up but it's not a meal and it won't work to maintain the numbers we need to keep safe. I got her some Ensure nutrition drinks that I figured is better than nothing when she hasn't eaten alll day long. She says she doesn't like them. I'm not about to upset her or demand she try something she doesn't want to. I love her too much to be mean and harsh and especially while she is in pain. What am I doing wrong? What can I try? I don't want her to slip into a coma or worse!