Just when you think the pain is gone ...it comes right back

Hi I’m new here and I’m happy to see that there is support for people with TN. I was diagnose in may with TN. I started my medication right away and it didn’t seem to help, if anything the pain was more offten and worse, so they had to increase the dose and by August the pain seem to die down a bit or go away all to get there. It felt good not to have that feeling of the worse brain freeze or a ice pick stabing my face. September came around and here it comes again.Couldn’t believe it. I wanted to scream and cry…I couldn’t do that I have 3 kids and a husband to take of. Well the doctors have me on two medication and are now talking the mvd surgery.

MVD seems worse than it sounds… Read some of what you can expect after a couple days in the hospital


Cranial surgery is scary, I found it terrifying, but I’m a wussy … But now I’m well… I’d do it again!

Keep posting!

Yeah , i m ready for any relief right about now. I try to do a lot of research on mvd. Thank you for the info. I will take a look.

I hope you can get one of the TOP. MVDs surgeon…look at the doctors tab…I think it’s theeeee biggest component!


Im thank for begin around many great hospital and doctors.

So sorry hun. Just remember that if you DO go ahead and get the mvd surgery, that it has a high success rate. I have decided after doing my research that when the time comes for me, and I suspect it will be within the next year, that I am doing mvd. I am not jacking around with a lot of the other procedures, I am just going for it! Hope you get relief soon. XXOO

Thank you tiger4nikki

I just keep moving forward. I don’t like to sit around and complain about my pain. I know in due time I will feel better and I will be almost back to normal again. :slight_smile: . I stay strong because of my children. Mvd sound good for me . So when the time comes I’m going for it!:slight_smile: