Just had steroid injection in throat today

I just had steroid injections in throat today for tongue, throat, ear and tooth pain. My pain is not shocking but the most severe throb you can imagine. Has anyone had any luck with this? Please details. I have been through hell in back in lasf 4 months. One surgery to remove tonsils and tongue biopsy. The next surgery removed my lingual tonsil(tongue) and biopsy and the tip of hyoid bone. None of this provided relief. I’m on lyrica and neurontin with no relief also. This is awful and has ruined my life.

Yes, I have exact same excruciating throbbing pain. I have had flexeril, xanax, neurontin, lyrica and lortab with no relief whatsoever. The pain is truly unreal, but not electric pains.

It is worse, just same pain! What does that mean if its worse. I’m so petrified I have cancer and there missing it.

This has truly ruined my life.

Have you had any topicals creams, drops,
or mouth spray for lidocaine type help?

My pain is so deep in my tongue, do you think it would help. They swear its nerve pain, but I don’t believe it. Something this painful would have to be something more sinister. I just worn out from it all. They say they haven’t seen anyone with this pattern. Severe tongue, ear, tooth. And for 9 months without missing a day.

If it is nerve -- a few sprays of lidocaine mouthwash will possibly know - it would make nerve endings feel better for many people here.

At least it would be an easy thing to eliminate! They can call it in for you, no appointment necessary!

Let us know!