Just Diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with TN (2/5/14).

I did think it may be dental after a visit to hospital. They just heard jaw pain and looked for cardiac causes. I think the meds I was on there actually masked the TN symptoms. I was told I probably had dental issues and sent on my way. I so hate going to the dentist but of course would have done anything to decrease the pain. Luckily the Dentist I saw did not pull any teeth although I would have agreed to pull them all. The pain was so severe.

Next stop was my GP. She knew the cause immediately and had me setup to see neurologist the next day. That was three days ago. I am on Gabapentin and it is helping. I am waiting now to have my MRI and MRA. So worried about what those may or may not show.

Glad to find this group as I am sure I will have many questions coming. Just sorry that we have to have this to bring us together.


I am sorry to hear you have joined us, but am glad you found us. Noticed you are in Jacksonville. I was stationed at NAS Jacksonville, many years ago.

Welcome…I am sorry to hear you have TN. Happy though you got a quick diagnosis and that your doctor sent you to a neurologist right away.


I’m so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with TN. I’m glad you were able to see a neurologist and start a medication that is helping. If you ever have any questions, feel free to message me.

I was just diagnosed on 2/7/2014 - I was put through the dental ringer beforehand though. I'm happy there is a forum for us to come to with people that have been there already and can guide us. You're very lucky that your GM was able to help you right away! Please let us know how your MRI goes.