Just an update

I am sorry I haven't been on for quite a while. Last year the doctor had me on 1200mg of oxcarbazapine a day and also 2700mg of gabapentine and that was working for a while, from March of 2014 to the middle of November 2014. Started having shocks through my right side of my face so my neurologist had me see Dr. Carfrae at the Iowa Ear Center and he set me up to have cyberknife. Had that done the end of January and I am happy to say that the shocks quit shortly after and most of the pain I was having in my eye and forehead on the right side is also gone, knock on wood, for now. I am off the oxcarbazapine right now. I go see my neurologist April 23 so I am sure he will try to wean me off the gabapentine. I am scared to get off all the meds because I know that sometime the pain might come back and I want some sort of medicine in me so that maybe it won't come back full force. I still have some pressure in my head sometimes so I still take it easy and not try to do all the things I used to do like go motorcycle riding anymore. Well better go. I just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on with me. Now if I can just lose the weight I have put on because of the medicine I will be a very happy camper. LOL


Sandy McGee

i am so glad your recovery is going well. i am excited for you and your ability to return to life. thanks for keeping us in the loop. it is always a treat to hear success stories.

I hope your recovery continues to go well. I totally understand your fear of getting of the meds 100%. I think it is something you will always be aware of for a while, will it come back, how bad, etc. It seems like all of our lives are controlled by this condition to some degree. But hopefully, you won't need the meds and will be pain free for good. You must think positive, the pain is gone and won't return.