Just a big thank you

For me, the best part of this website is knowing I’m not crazy and that there are actually people out there who are going through this and are willing to share their experiences with this TN pain. For two years I hid how much pain I was in from everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I left a room so I could be alone until my “episode” passed. The only people I tried to explain it to were dentists. They pretty much blew me off as a problem patient. Two weeks ago my husband followed me when I escaped to the bedroom and he saw me experience one of my major episodes. He freaked out and wanted to take me to the emergency room. At that point, he understood that this isn’t just something that’s a “little uncomfortable.” Two weeks later, I have a diagnosis (from a physician), I’ve started the meds, and I found this website! I haven’t felt this positive in two years! Thank you all.

We are so glad you found this site and are making progress. A positive out look is also good medicine.

I too would say I'm off to bed to read a book but frequently never did. Although my husband could hear a bit of groaning coming through the walls. He's now after three years wanting to help me more. And we both go to my appointments, so now he can add a little something to the discussion in case I miss something important. I'm lucky he is now semi retired and can help.

I'm new to this site and it has helped me a lot.

I’m glad he’s helping you now! I guess keeping the pain hidden may not be the best way to go, but trying to get someone who hasn’t been through it to understand this pain is just about impossible.