It's stem cell can treatment trigeminal?

Hi all
I found from this website
they said stem cell can treatment trigeminal it’s true? Anyone heard that?
Or anyone try it before. Have any in Sydney?

Hi Naricha

I was offered stem cell in Sydney too. I live in WA. I turned it down. The evidence just didn’t seem to be compelling. x

Do you mean is not working? Are u going to do mvd or gamma knife?

I mean the evidence from other patients that was presented to me by the specialist that was offering stem cell didn’t seem to wholly support the treatment. It was very early stages, very experimental, but the outcomes at that stage did not seem overwhelming so I choose not to pursue it. Mind you, it does appear to be low risk, although costly.

I have already had a failed MVD for glossopharyngeal neuralgia. I am looking at having a sectioning of the 9th nerve and of the 10th nerve rootlets in the future.

Lady Gaga has a new video and album out and in it she reveals she has TN and is using stem cell therapy. It was not clear if it is working. I believe the u of Oregon in the US is running a clinical trial on it.

No I go to mvd but seem it’s fail.