It's been a while!

I recently had to have my tegretol dose doubled from 400 mg to 800 mg. I wish I could say it’s doing a good job keeping the pain at bay, but unfortunately it’s not. I’m going back to the doctors next week to talk about possibly going up more, or adding another medication with tegretol. I am not sure which will be best at this point. I was actually supposed to be trying to go down in medication, not up that didn’t work out though.

I'm sorry the Tegretol didn't work out for you, Julskep. Best of luck with the doctors.

Thank you. My doctor is weening me off the Tegretol before starting anything new. She also wants to see what triggers I have if any. Thank you for the support.

Regular Tegretol didn’t offer me enough pain coverage so I switched to extended release Tegretol and that helped so much…just a thought. (( hugs )) Mimi