Itchy face after attack?

Hey guys .just wondering if my new symptom is experienced by others.had a nasty attack of pain last nyt and luckily things have subsided today but now have a very itchy face and nose.almost like I have a spiders web tickling me.has anyone else felt like this??

Hi Sophie. I find that I get a sensation similar to what you are describing just before an attack. It is the little warning to me that I'm about to be miserable.

I also often get a warning that things are about to start :frowning: not nice at all.thank you for replying. Am finding this group to be a great support

yep, i get that kinda of feeling too. Usually happesn before i get pain....or sometimes it just happens alone and on those times i wonder if it would have been an attack, but the meds are maybe keeping it from happening. But yeah, i get an itchy/tingly feeling. Sometimes i get a whole TN side ..uhm..spasm-like feeling (sorry hard to describe well)

Of course, i've become so actively aware of ANY sensation on that side that sometimes i wonder if i'm imagining

~Wishing us peace and a pain free day