Itching Scalp Help!

Hi all. I had my MVD on June 24 and have been doing really well. No pain and now I am off all my meds! My head was totally numb but now it is coming back to life. The scar feels pretty good but my scalp is so freaking itchy that I want to rip it off! I have tried Benadryl and some oils but it hasn’t helped. Please give me some ideas on what I can do. It’s at the worst at night when I lay down. Does anyone else have this problem? The itching feels like it is under my scalp…not like dandruff or anything. Rubbing it doesn’t satisfy it at all. Please help!!!

Wow!! Well congrats on the “so far-so good” recovery! I also had my MVD in June. My incision is a little itchy still. I’ve put cocoa butter and neosporin on it. It helps a bit. In the years past, after my first C-section, it was discovered that I was allergic to latex. The incisions were itchy, and did not heal quickly. The interior layer of stitches caused issues. With the MVD the OR was Latex Free. Do you know if you are allergic?

Hi Stephanie, I had a lot of itching too, but it's got nothing to do with the condition of your skin, so oils and creams and so on will not help at all. The itching is the nerve itself. I believe the nerve is repairing itself, which it will do over time. I found over time most of it went away, but it can take a long time, up to a year. I still get it in one or two little spots from my first MVD which was years ago, like my one eyebrow still gets a bit itchy, but you might get lucky and lose it all in the end. Try scratch with only one finger, and put the tip of that finger into a rubber sewing thimble (if you can get one), because sometimes your scratching can become a bit violent and you might hurt yourself if you've got long nails! All the itching I used to get towards the top and back of my head disappeared, but it was never terribly severe. Good luck!

Thanks Tiffanie. I don’t think I’m allergic to latex. Never had a reaction to it before. I’ve had other surgeries and the stitches healed fine after some itching but this time it’s different.

Maur thanks for the advice. I guess I would rather itching nerves than painful nerves. I will try the thimble tip. So far I’ve been making my daughter crazy by having her rub it for me :slight_smile: