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Itching above where it hurts

Ok I am writing a lot with all sorts of questions so forgive me. I wrote about my lower cracked tooth & weird lower jaw pain. So my pain is right around the main nerve. Sometimes it can radiate through out lower jaw. It’s always under the tooth never have I ever had a toothache just pain from the crack. The root canal & apicio did not show anything wrong. I would say if you put your finger on the bottom of gum It is almost in the middle of the cracked molar tooth & tooth in front of it. I once in a blue moon get this deep ache in the bone of the corner on chin near that area. It’s awful. I feel like I have a tooth bone infection it’s localized in that area. Now weird thing is I do have skin issues of eczema & sebborahic dermatitis but I find I itch sometimes in that area of jaw pain. Maybe it’s my dry skin but I wanted to know if nerve pain can cause itching? I am losing my mind. It just feels like something is wrong but nothing is showing up on X-ray. So all I got is that cracked tooth in that area. So please forgive I am writing a lot. I just feel so nervous & anxious over what is going on. The jaw bone pain can get intense where I wanna take a knife & scrape out that area of bone. Odd I know!

Sorry to hear about the issues. I really don’t know much about the toothache you are referring too other than to say I had what I thought was an abscess on my right upper molar where the TN pain was radiating from. The one comment I would like to make is about the skin/nerve sensitivity that seems to accompany TN attacks. Whenever I had sensitivities around my right eye I would notice that the skin in that area became ultrasensitive to touch and I had issues with dermatitis forming about the size of a small coin.

I found that when the pain subsided enough to touch that area I would put on some cream and strangely enough the pain would almost completely disappear. Strange as it may seem that the only way back in those days to stop the pain was going for a brisk walk. I think it must have been the endorphins being released which helped.
I wasn’t sure if it was the TN nerve issues causing the dermatitis or the dermatitis causing the sensitivities. Have not had this problem for over 12 months. As mentioned in previous posts I now effectively manage my TN through acupuncture including in the ears, and through taking of PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) together with Vitamin B1. The combination has completely terminated the TN pain. This treatment may not work for everyone - but thank goodness it is working for me!

I hope you manage to get some relief soon.

Thank you for your reply. Yes in the area where it flares I notice it itches.

I had a bad flare this week. It’s like in the background still so it’s still tender but when it flares it’s crazy painful & I get in a bad mommy/wife mood lol.

For me nothing was done in that area when this all started. The ONLY thing I have for me is the cracked tooth. So it was cracked for a while before I had a root canal done. Endo thought surface crack bc it’s not an obvious crack when u look at it. That tooth is near the main nerve. I sometimes get these non painful but odd jolts in that area. Infact I get that exact jolt thing in the other side of my lower jaw in an old root canal that’s over 20 years old.
So something is going on. Anyway… I found out that tooth has 4 canals. I do not know if the dentist missed a cabal bc I had something hot & I felt it in the crack area. The face pain dr at a dental school says it may be a nerve in that area. Ok so the face pain dr is trying to get me to save the tooth. It already had an apicio. No infection took was found. But here’s the thing… the darn crack is annoying to chew on. I avoid chewing on that tooth bc when I chew a dorito on it if it hits that crack the wrong way OUCH!!!
Anyway I have this idea in my head maybe just maybe the crack IS deeper causing all of this. BC it is t easily seen on xrays. SO am I crazy getting it out??? I kinda made my mind to do it bc I want to enjoy food on that side again & not worry. It would be a bonus if it fixed my issue.

I am thrilled your issue is way better. I hear great things about acupuncture & 100% in holistic treatments. I right now chose the chiropractor bc i. Wanted to relieve any inflammation incase that was the issue… and so I have 1 more treatment left & then I can move on to something else.

Also- now that I had an apicio on that tooth & a root canal maybe I added to the nerve issue. But it is the same as it was before. It was worse a few weeks after that procedure then settled down.

Ugh ok I wrote enough!! Lol

i’ve been 30+ years with TN. I’ve had many different symptoms & sensations because of it. We have to learn about nerves, nerve anomalies and nerve memory to help us deal and live with TN, if not for all of our life on earth, then at least for as long as we have TN. I urge you to read this article on an unusual nerve anomaly to begin to learn what you might have to accept to get through the day. Good luck and I’ll pray you get relief. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/06/30/the-itch/amp