Is Prednisone an option for TN?

Hi. Does anyone know if prednisone is used as a possible treatment for TN. I have a new neurologist I am seeing next week. My symptoms seem to be progressive in that they come more frequently and also some new symptoms have started. To give an example, a few days ago, I started feeling like half my brain was on fire-it only last a couple of minutes and then I broke into a sweat. This is new to me and it adds to the frustration of dealing with the usual symptoms of stabbing pain, numbness in my mouth, terrible scalp and ear pain and constant ringing in my ear. Just wondering if anyone knew of prednisone as an option. Thanks. Sherry

I am interested in this subject Sherry as I take Pred for another condition. I am reducing slowly off the Pred. My TN2 is down to a minimum and I am not sure if this is due to the Pred or not. My pain is not increasing although I am reducing and I have been taking Pred for a year. I guess it all depends if the TN is due to inflammation as this is what Pred deals with.

Hi,i dont take prednisone for my TN.Just strted pn tegretoll.But when i strted this recent attack i went to emergency room thibking i might have had a tooth abscess untill mu dental xray showed nohing wrong.anyway they gave me endone and prednisone and i actually had no pain for about 12 hours,it was wonderful.They did suspect neuralgia at the time and said he prednisone would reduce the i flammation that occurs from the nerve misfiring so has had me wondering though whether it would help,however GP didnt think it would and just put me on te tegretol twice a day to increase thedise as needed.

put predisone in the search box above!

I am just finishing up a week of Prednisone given by my Rheumatologist, his thought being that I should have been given this for a week at my first onset of TN a couple of months ago. He commented that I should have been given it in relationship with Sjogrens in an attempt to stop it then. He said that it was probably too late to work now. All it has done is kept me up all night! Hope it helps you.

Hi Sherry mine is also an autoimmune problem. I started at 60mgs and I am now down to 5mgs a day. Yes it did keep me awake and I have put on a lot of weight. I was so worried that as I reduced that the pain in my face and teeth would return but so far it has not. I am reducing very slowly and for the next few months not reducing at all ( in case the autoimmune inflammation returns). In some ways I am scared to come off it completely, its like a crutch!

I did research it here and it does seem to help some people with TN2/Atypical TN rather then Classic TN. Also it made me feel very sick when I tried to take Treg and Pred together.

I have used prednisone for other issues, it causes weight gain, and does keep me up all night as well, its great for added energy. From my experience , you can stay on it for long because it can do damage to the kidneys.


I had one physician suggest trying prednisone, but I haven’t tried it -only a couple of other steroids (which didn’t help)

My Neuro prescribed it for me a few weeks ago due to increased and constant pain that just appeared out of no did have the very negative side affects (weight gain, sleeplessness, etc) but my pain level went down incredibly. I am not wanting to do this as an alternative; but it is indeed good when it is needed.

oh Sherry... my memory is shot, has been for about 9 months now since I was diagnosed. SO AGGRAVATING! :) but at least I know it is the meds and that I am not the only pain started with an incessant ear ache that would not go away plus the burning / painful radiating jaw pain. I take Trileptal 600mg a day plus Tegretol 100mg (up to 500 a day) as needed inbetween this dose. Ihave done the steriod route twice since Sept '11 along with a round of muscle relaxants- seems that I hold my stress in my neck; go figure... All of these meds really throws me for a loop ...we're all here for ya kiddo; hang in there - hope you are having a good day today!


After my pain recurred my dr prescribed prednisone to calm down the nerve. It was the dose pack & on the last day I was pain free. I thought it worked until the pain recurred. good luck! always comes back, don't it...mine was lessened for a while (about a couple of months) - I don't like to do this type of treatment, the side effects of the steroid is longer lasting than the relief! ...always up to try ANYTHING to help though...

Cris if the steroids help then does that mean inflammation is involved? How much did you take each day? How long were you on them for? Where you taking Prednisone?

They do say as long as the steroids are below 7.5mgs a day then they dont do a lot of harm. I had to start at 60mgs and did have to take another load of meds to counteract what the steroids were doing!

Chris I wonder how our friend Fred Cuppa Coffee is doing? ( your fellow teacher) Miss hearing from him, but i am so pleased he found relief. x