Is low potassium associated with tn or carbomazipine?

I was told i was really low on potassium the doctor gave me medication. It makes me absoultely sick to my stomach. I called and they said i need to take these potassium pills and get my level up so now I'm sick to my stomach dizzy from carbomaipine and am on wits end

I wish I had a better answer for you or could remember where I read things. I don't know about carbomazipine. I did however in my research run across a relationship between severe pain over a long period and adrenal glands and potassium. I think when our bodies think they are being killed 24/7 our adrenal glands secrete stress hormones like crazy. Then they get worn out and a lot of other things go awry. This is not something recognized by all medical doctors so it may not be something you are interested in looking into. When it came to TN i looked into EVERYTHING. I did not have a potassium problem just read it somewhere. Anyway you might want to research potassium and adrenals.


when on that med or it's cousin -- you should have intermittent potassium/sodium levels keep kidneys on watch

If anything is making you violently ill - go to ER

if some subsides - call pharmacist - way faster to an answer than a doctor.

Keep us posted!