Is it safe to go outside w/o a scarf?

It’s been 3 months since I’ve been diagnosed with tn. Basically this whole winter. I was told to cover my face with a scarf when outside. My meds are working with a few pings here and there but nothing severe. My question is when can I lose the scarf? I mean I would wear it on really windy days but when the wind is light can I leave the scarf home? This coming from the windy city. Lol. A little ironic

Hi there. This is my first winter dealing with this. I find if I'm outside in the winter I always bring a scarf. The meds have helped a bit with the wind .Sometimes the wind is bad enough to give me pain and sometimes it's just the cold that bothers me. So I feel if I need to go outside I'm with a scarf.

Hello. My thoughts are with you having been afflicted with this unpredictable, monster.

I was born & raised in Southern California and have never been fond of scarfs. In my case, the cold breeze mostly hurts my teeth. Once my teeth start hurting it’s down hill from there. I do cover my mouth when in the wind.

You’ll have to try different things until you get a grip on what your triggers are. You’ll get lots of great help here!

Take the scarf with you, and see if you need it each time.

Get Lidociane face Patches called in from doctor. you can get better relief for those bad days, or to lower your meds.

Ok, I’m gna try to keep the scarf and just keep my mouth covered bc my teeth are the first thing that hurt as well. This is a tricky thing finding out what my triggers are. I’ve been bundled up so it might be the cold to. I’m curious and yet terrified at the same time. Thank you so much and wish me luck!

Hi, Just to add to this, I've learned to take a scarf everywhere with me. Where I live we're having very cold weather right now so it's essential if I go outside, but even when the temperature warms up, I still keep it with me. I've found that I need the comfort from it. With the atypical TN I have constant aching on the right side even on good days. Like other people here my teeth get shocks and zapping pain so I use my scarf to shield and protect my face when I'm out especially when I've had to talk for any length of time. By doing that it feels a little like the heating pad which I use at home. Anything for some relief!

Over the years, I found that carrying a clear bubble umbrella with me helped tons. It blocks the wind and provides a bit of shelter. Maybe it looks ridiculous when there is no rain, but it works great as a wind blocker.

I have so many scarves! Wear one when I go out each time. Light ones on summer days, heavier ones during winter. Hate winter, so hibernate and by the time spring comes, I am a maniac. My drugs help keep pain at bay most of the time. I swim at the YMCA during therapy swim when the water is warm. The people there are all dealing with some kind of pain or another, so I am in good company. Usually, we talk briefly about what ails us, then move on to more general subjects. It’s a friendly atmosphere. I use a buckle on waist float so I don’t have to put stress on my trigeminal side. So far, so good.

Scarves are trendy-just keep one handy, just in case! It's been 11 years since my diagnosis (at 31) and I am so grateful to say that most days I can venture outside in the cold without a hat or earmuffs covering my right ear (my trigger). But for the first few years, I had a hat, earmuffs, AND a scarf. (I even wore a hat in the house in the winter! I'm sure my daughter's young friends thought I was kooky but I like to think it added to my "charm.") Because exposure to air, sometimes even warm air, can trigger pain, I switched my part so that more hair covers my right side and I wear my hair long. I have learned NOT to put my hair up in a pony tail, even when working out. For me right now, my hair seems to be enough protection under most circumstances. (But if it is really cold and windy outside, I pull out the earmuffs - better safe than sorry!) I currently only take Neurontin when I feel an attack coming on or before I fly, swim, or go to the dentist. Hope you figure out what works best for you soon!!!