Is it safe for TN patients to take the COVID vaccine?

Too worried about a flare up after reading this: Is there a link between Bell’s palsy and COVID-19 vaccines? - Drug Discovery and Development
What did your GP advise you?

I have not spoken to my MD as I have no intention of getting the vaccine any time soon. The reason is there have been studies done that suggest the vaccine may cause latent TB to become not only active but drug resistant and I have latent TB. Additionally there have been studies that it may cause other latent viruses like herpes and shingles to go active (which would fall in line with the potential Bells Palsy issue).

The initial report I found about it two months ago appears to have disappeared from online but there is a medical article here: Tuberculosis and COVID-19: Lessons from the Past Viral Outbreaks and Possible Future Outcomes - PubMed (

The FDA noted that the Bells Palsy rate was anywhere from 3.5% to 7% higher than expected in the study group vs general population. And while that’s not staggeringly high, I personally think it’s too high to be ignored. But I am not a medical professional, speak to your doctor and do all your own research before making any treatment decisions.

Well this is all very interesting.
Thank you all for sharing this information about the Facial Pain concerns .
I have been wavering myself about taking the vaccine.
The first two versions available in the US have PEG —which I am allergic to .
The J and J version does NOT have PEG but it’s not readily available
There was a GI med brought to market after extensive testing that was pulled after release into the general public because it was found to cause MIs . I took it and was brushed off when I told my GI doc I was having chest pain related to the med.
Thankfully I quit before I had a MI …,.these vaccines HAVE been tested but no one really knows the true side effects until they are out for an extended period of time .
It’s a hard call —-help your neighbor by taking them OR —-Be extra -careful and wait.
I was ready to take the J and J version until they announced the recent issues at one of the plants making it
Now this info.
Glad I waited .
By the way —-I spoke to my Immunologist at Duke last week about the Vaccine PEG issue .
They are trying to set up some protocols to investigate the concern that the PEG in the first two vaccines is what is causing some of the serious reactions that a few people have had . One of the manufacturers REFUSED to give out the proprietary information about which PEG is in their vaccine ( molecular weight etc ) .
You would think they would WANT this investigated …I do not think there is anything nefarious going on with out Corona virus vaccines …no Nano -particles being injected into people . BUT that sort of stonewalling is not helpful to anybody.

I have taken J&J without any issues whatsoever and couldn’t be more thrilled to be protected and protect others


My specialist recommended I get the vaccine ASAP. I have had the first Pfizer vaccine and felt achy for a couple days and that’s it. The thing that is flaring my TN is the mask wearing - I have bilateral TN type 1 on the right types 1 and 2 on the left. I have had two mvds - they were successful as they can be, but I still have breakthroughs. Any mask tips?? I have to mask outside the home.

I am taking Vimpat 100mg four times a day for TN. I have had the first Moderna vaccine with no problems and I will get my 2nd shot on the 23rd. There was no guestion for me about taking the vaccine. I checked with my doc about any interactions with Meds I am taking and there were none.
Good luck to everyone and let’s all hope for a treatment for TN.


The vaccine is okay to take with TN medications. That is what my doctors have said. I have taken the first shot and besides a bruise for a couple of days, had no issues.

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I have not had mine yet, but I’ve spoken with my doctor, and I plan to in a couple weeks. My main worry was increased ATN pain from side effects. Several of my Friends and family have had headaches and fevers, for a day or two, especially from the second shot. Any temperature change or sinus pressure makes my face pain sky rocket. I had the flu a few years ago and I ended up going to the hospital, not because of the flu, but because it agrivated my ATN to the point I could not bear it. My GP has agreed to give me 3 days worth of oral morphine for break through pain control if I need it, so hopefully I don’t have to pay for an ER visit.
I look forward to getting vaccinated, I just don’t want it to be unreasonably painful. I am mostly waiting because my area has a vaccine shortage at the moment and appointments are very hard to come by.

I saw my Duke Immunologist recently . .
We discussed the Lancet article and my concerns about a flare of viral related Facial Pain.
On the positive side she said that several of her patient populations that she would have strongly advised to AVOID the COVID vaccines took it before they could be told to NOT do so —and did well…
Even some patients with a history of spontaneous anaphylaxis .

I have had Facial pain so severe in the past that the only reason I did not end my life were some very strong religious beliefs. My current situation is much improved but the memory of that degree of pain does not go away
So to consider the fact that a vaccine might induce a recurrence of that viral related pain is no small matter.

The Immunologist was clear that this is my decision —-but she agreed that in my situation it would be better to avoid the J &J vaccine ( if it is re-released ) .And the other vaccines because of the PEG allergy.
If the Pandemic worsens we will re- visit the risk analysis
Just follow -up if anyone is interested .

By the way —I am pro-vaccine .I had made an appt for the J&J vaccine but then heard about the BP concerns .I am NOT trying to talk anyone else out of receiving it .

That’s a really great point. At this moment, things may have died back enough in your area that the concerns over the vaccine out weigh the risks of contracting covid. But if the case counts rise, the risk of covid increases. Thanks for sharing your talk with your doctor on this.

Sharon from ModSupport

Personally, I take a whole lot of medications for 3 types of facial and head neuralgia and am in pain most of the day - and I am happy to say that I have had my first injection and will line up again to have my second one… HAPPY to protect myself and others.
The system here in the UK by the NHS is absolutely brilliant and we are incredibly fortunate. It is a personal decision, but one I am glad I took…