Is a medical ID bracelet necessary?

Hello ya'll

I am sure this question has been asked before but I don't want to search for it. I have a hard time eating and the medicine makes me out of it a lot. Most of the time, it will be that way outside and in public. Is a medical tag/ID necessary in a public situation?? Any tips on how to communicate otherwise?

that is a link to a card being developed - you can make your own word doc and put it on a jump drive to take to emergency room..... or put in your phone a note that says meds, allergies, your doctor's names

why you can't talk, emergency contact, etc.....

Bracelet I would find too small--- I had to order one for an immune deficiency - and I could barely get a few words on it

I have a medical ID with my allergies on it and everything through Medic Alert with their phone number on it and my member number. Not sure what countries have Medic Alert however. Health professionals here are well aware - we have a space on our nursing admission sheets and pre-operation forms whether the person has a Medic Alert at the hospital I work at. I have their number, my ID number and "ALLERGY PENICILLIN CARBAMAZEPINE TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA" ... there's a form somewhere on this site which I saved to my computer about being a facial pain patient and might not be able to speak ... the last time I had a horrendous attack and went to the ER I filled it out then handed it over to the triage nurse.

Hi there, yes you should carry something to ensure if you need attention from people especially medical personel, they are aware of important issues so they can treat you appropriately and safely. You say you are having difficulty eating. If this is because of limited opening then this is very important. As if you are ever in need of intubation the paramedics need to know this as they will need to find other ways to secure your airway. Knowledge is power. I know there are bracelets and necklaces to alert people of important medical issues. Hope that helped

Oh and another good reason is they can see what anticonvulsant you are on ... even if you don't have epilepsy (most of us are on them for our TN alone) if you aren't weaned off you can get seizures. So if they don't know to administer your usual medication you could get in trouble.