Living With Facial Pain

Inversion Tables


Has anybody experienced any relief from TN using an inversion table?


Hi Todd,
I use an inversion table for back pain relief once in awhile but it has not helped with relief from TN.


I have a friend who swears by her home inversion table for her sciatica. Not sure I can see his it would help with TN. Maybe it would function vaguely like a neck massage by relieving some pressure or tension? I think it’s more for backs than necks tho.


I don’t have one, but I’ve been lying on the corner of my bed with my upper body hanging down. It does seem to help somewhat. THe problem is I am trying this experiment at the same time as I am introducing Cymbalta to my medication regimen… So don’t know which is leading to improvement, but I am seeing some improvement.

Anyone else?!?! There is no magic bullet, but maybe this is part of the magic gunpowder? One of the countless ingredients we need to find as much relief as possible. If this helps improve me 10%, plus 10% from nutrition, plus 10% from meditation, plus 10% from sleep, plus 10% from exercise, plus 50% (hopefully) from medicine, then I’ll take it anyday! Obviously this isn’t how it all works, but I do think if we want to find as much relief as possible, it’s going to come from a combination of healthy practices, not just one thing.