Introducing jamesdealey from the UK


Welcome to Living With Facial Pain! Sorry to hear about the Tooth-Related Troubles, but I’m glad that pretty much everything else in life is going well for you haha! Gym/swim/holiday sounds like a great schedule to stay fit and stress-free, I’ve been meaning to incorporate it more, myself. I encourage you to also bring that level of activity to these forums and start getting involved in discussions. I’m sure that you’ll love getting to know our many wonderful members once you do!

Best wishes and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Thanks for the warm welcome! I will share my experience, and see if anyone has had anything similar and any ideas moving forward.

I went to see my dentist for a cavity, and they found the tooth was not saveable and had to be removed. The dentist had terrible problems removing the tooth, as first it snapped :frowning: and then he had to put great pressure on it to remove it. Since that day nearly a year ago I have had nothing but problems with facial pain. CAT scans, MRI scans, x-rays, ENT appointments to see if it was sinus related. Now I am booked to see a pain specialist to try to help manage the pain. The Doctor(s) are saying its TN. I have found I cannot drink coffee any more as this sets it off, along with prolonged stress. I am finding going to the gym 3 times a week and taking B vitamins helpful though.
Just wondering if anyone else has found activities/vitamins/stopping certain things helpful?

Hey James!

No worries. I hope someone ends up seeing and replying to this, but either way you should also try using the Search Icon (top right corner) to search through previous discussions for a particular topic.

For example, from the quick browse I conducted, it seems like many other people also feel that coffee/caffeine can aggravate their symptoms as you can see from this search result:

One the other hand, here are a selection of topics that mention vitamin supplementation:

Hope that helps!