Introducing Deja_0705 from Colorado


Hello DeJa and welcome to Living With Facial Pain! What genre of music do you gravitate towards - or are you just a really diverse listener? I’ve actually been trying to extend my own personal taste by listening to more albums in my spare time. Speaking of gravitating, I’m glad you’ve been drawn towards our wonderful community because I expect you will enjoy being able to share your experiences and personality with our awesome set of members. So feel free to start contributing in discussions - and also check out the “How To Use This Site” tab up top for some useful beginner tips.

Enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to bombard me with any qustions/concerns!

Hi Deja, Welcome to here. Your going to find a lot of gentle people here. like in the song “if your going to San Francisco”. I was raised in the Hug Your Tree Era. There really are many nice people here though that will try to help make your day brighter. So I said all that just to say all this “Welcome” !!
Wheels4legs said all that.

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