Interesting Opana Review I Found Online for TN

The individual I am quoting may or may not be a member her at LwTN, but I found an interesting review that they gave Opana at the following link:

An author who calls themselves "VEwatson" had this to say:

"I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is the "most painful condition known to man", and Opana ER is the first medication that has ever actually helped with this type pain. It has worked better for me than any other pain medicine and it lasts FAR longer than any other extended release medications I've tried. Because this works better for me, I am able to take less/lower dose than other medicines- which means I can function at a much higher rate. Many patients with this condition do not take (narcotic) pain medication because Trigeminal Neuralgia does not usually respond well to them. However, for me, this is the 1st and only medicine that has actually helped with my level of pain and it has allowed me to have a much higher quality of life!"

Hello, I actually can attest to this as well. My pain management Dr put me on Opana last year before my MVD. I did have success on it as well for a few weeks. It did dull out my constant burning pain and helped sometimes with the breakthrough electric shocks. I ended up on the fentanyl patch though since it responded better that the Opana eventually. Thanks!