Injections inside mouth?

Has anyone had this done for atypical pain? If so by what kind of Dr and did it work and for how long? Thanx

You will have problems getting this done in a lot of places from my personal experience.

I tried for a long time to get this done and ran into a variety of issue. From a botox perspective, there is a lack of fatty tissue surrounding the maxilla which helps to "contain" the botox injections. I will refrain from using the specific local, but a teaching institution in the KC area administered botox in this very area. Unfortunately the botox was able to "trickle" down to the lingual nerve and impaired the speech of what turned out to be a teacher. Not good. It took the intervention from a senior level staff member to keep them from getting sued. Needless to say NONE of the clinicians at this institution were allowed to do it from that point on.

I tried a variety of other dental and pain specialists before I was able to find someone that would to an injection around the alveolar ridge of the maxillary bone. Unfortunately for me it didn't help with any of the tightness, pulling, and pain that I was experiencing.

As for other injections, there is the potential of a localized glycerol injection if you can find someone to do it. I don't think you will be able to find anyone to do a traditional nerve block in this area as the nerves are smaller and the larger ones are much harder to pinpoint and isolate from what I've been told.

Good luck in your search.