Inflammation & TN

It appears I have asked some tough questions. Questions that do not have answers it seems.


What I am really hoping for are just website links regarding any of the cranial nerves - that mention inflammation in more than just a single sentence. It does not matter what reference the inflammation applies to - just that it may be discussed in the same article as cranial neuralgias, any neuralgia really. Especially keen on any article that refers to patients suffering more than one neuralgia.

I hope this clarified the question a little. I’m sorry, but yes my brains working overtime. I sleep when I can, but this past week for the most part I’m spending the majority of my days every day, in pain, unable to sleep, but when I even get a pause in the cycle of pain, I jump immediately into my bed to sleep what I can.

When the pain makes sleep impossible for me, it also makes lying down impossible too. I have to sit propped up, trying not to move much at all, and certainly cannot let my head touch anything. So, if I don’t try and keep busy - continuing my research for instance - I’m gonna lose it :D.

Again, please - I don’t want anyone going out of their way to find things for me, but if you do note something in passing with your own research - I’d be grateful if you’d just forward me the link to the page please?

Best wishes ~ Ko xx

hi kerry
here is the latest info i found on inflammation that helped me incredibly. vitamin d deficiency can cause inflammation and all kinds of problems. i have been reading about it since my labs came back and now on prescription strength d until levels get corrected. i was walking like i was 80 yrs old or something.
i worked long hrs with out much exposure to sun and my skin dr told me not to walk to car without sunscreen on since i am fair, blond and blue eyed. spf15 blocks 90% of your vit d from sun. of course we can’t go wild and not protect from skin cancer. but 15min. like in early morning and late afternoon would be enough exposure.
mayo clinic has a great article on how people taking lots of pain meds for chronic pain conditions have this problem and those of us on anti convulsants also have to watch vitamin d being depleted from system.
i didn’t know i had the low d this problem then my blood pressure went weird, i was fatigued, my legs and lower back hurt sooo bad and then i got the facial pain something to look into to anyway.
so lets say those of us who do not have a vessel wrapped around the tn nerve since birth or something. are vitamin def. in someway and it is causing high inflammtion.

Hi Julie,

Thanks again for information regarding vitamin d deficiency as a contributor to inflammation in the body. I appreciate your input as that is very helpful advice to all of us to get our Vit D checked. On a personal note, I’ve already asked my GP to order pathology for me as while she was away, my blood monitoring had lapsed as she’s been gone for over 2 months. However, this new blood test will test my Vit D level as well as all my other required testing including presence of inflammation in my body.

On another note, just as a reminder to all - the information I’m looking for is based around inflammation re TN, and other cranial nerves - excluding Sinus, Tumor or MS as sources.

Thanks again Julie!

Best wishes for a pain free day to us all!

Ko xx

Hey Ro,

The information I’m looking for is the stuff the doctors won’t talk to me about. The stuff they don’t seem to care about. As once the idea of non life threatening inflammation is found to be a “possible” cause of TN - you get dropped like a hot potato.

One person I know whose dr learnt cause as potential inflammation instead of compression - dropped her as a patient, not in person but by sending her a letter…


HI Kerry

It was found 6 weeks after I started medication for TN that I have very high levels of inflammation sed/esr 70/90. doctors did not think this was related to my TN but to an auto immune disease but they are surprised that i developed both so close to each other. I feel they must be connected in some way. One doctor did suggest that he thought I may have had the auto immune illness grumbling without knowing about it and it may have made my nerve extra sensitive which then resulted in the TN. He was hopeful that once the auto immune illness was dealt with it may well help my TN. I am on steroids for the auto immune illness. I am no longer suffering classic TN pains and have stopped taking TN medication although I will take it if the shooting pains start again. I am left with aches which come and go along the path ways of the nerve, but most sever in the tooth. If you find any info on inflammation and TN i would also be interested in reading it, if you could share it with us.