Increasing Gabapentin - Side Effects

I am increasing my Gabapentin and it is causing blurry vision. Has any one had this side effect and has it gone away with time? Thanks in advance.

Hi Pacey
I don’t get blurry vision,I get so tired sometimes when I take a 300 mg capsules during the day.
Can you get 100mg capsules and just spread them out?
I am glad to see you on here ,but I am so sorry the pain is still an issue.
If you are on baclofen ,sometimes that can cause vision changes.

Pacey, how much are you taking? I just started on Gabapentin a couple of weeks ago and am up to ~1500mg/day. I haven’t seen any side effects, but I am noticing that I’m starting to get warning twinges. I may have to increase my dosage even further. I’m alert for side effects, but so far so good.

Hi Duckpuddle,

I was taking 1500mg per day. I increased it to 1800mg per day and had blurry vision for 2 days but it went away. That was the only side effect I’ve had so far and luckily that went away.

Hi ellen5,

I just wanted to say hello. My blurry vision went away after 2 days. I’m not on Baclofen. The only med I’m on for the ATN is Gabapentin.

Hi Pacey
Just about to switch off,but I see you and just want to give you a big hug.
I remember when I started gabapentin for my hot flashes many years ago in
the morning I would see halos on my walk in to work and thought that was
cool.As long as they went away.As I got used to it that side effect
vanished.just remembering now.been on all these drugs for way too long.
I hope the gaba is helping
Nighty night
sleep tight

I never had any luck with Gabapentin. However, I did read that people with TN and do not know how they got it (I had trauma and infections), could also have a weakened immune system. Read about Multiple Sclerosis, as the blurry vision is one of the symptoms and if you have other symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible. MS is not a fatal disease at all and there are different types and stages. In addition, there is medication to treat it. Hopefully you don’t have it and you are in my prayers, but the blurry vision made me think about it. Blessings, barbiedollstars:rose:

Thanks Pacey,

I was at 1500 and doing ok, but yesterday was trigger-filled and then early this morning I had a relatively mild hour long bout of pain, then it all went away. The euphoria of having the pain stop is, to me, psychologically significant…And I get to do things like shave, scrub my face, floss my teeth, you know, act like a human.

I am concerned that the TN poked through the G so early in my course of using it (@2-3 weeks), but you can’t worry about everything.

Thankfully, I have great understanding at work. Today, I’ll go in and say sorry I’m late, but I was able to wash my face, so I did.


Hi Andy,

I’m glad you had some relief from pain. I hope the 1500mg continues to work for you and the poke through pain was an aberration.

Hi barbiedollstars,

Thanks for your post. I have been checked for MS and don’t have it. Thanks for thinking of me.

Hi ellen5,

Yes I have been on Gabapentin for almost 4 years now. It is helping but wish I didn’t have to increase the dose. Hope all is well with you.

I take anywhere from 100 mg to 900 mg of gabapentin a day. Side effects I’ve noticed blurry vision, weight gain and brain fog/memory loss. I sure slept at night though. And yes, you can it in 100 mg caplets.

Hi suslow,

I am now on 2400mg of Gabapentin per day. The only side effect is a little brain fog but it’s not too bad. I think it is helping a little but have only been on that amount for a couple days so need to give it more time.

Thanks for responding.

Do you take anything else other than gabapentin? I also take 50 mg of Nortriptiline, zanaflex and norco 7.5 as needed. Something else I have started recently is from a company called Biogetica. It’s a combination of 5 different herbs. As you know, when you’re suffering you’ll try almost anything. Best of luck!

Hi suslow,

I am only taking Gabapentin. I tried Lyrica, Tegretol, Trileptal and Amitriptyline and couldn’t tolerate the side effects. I had Percoset for another reason and that did nothing for the facial pain. The pain I had for the Percoset is gone now so I don’t take that anymore. Am hoping the higher dose of Gabapentin works. I know some people take Baclofen and/or a benzo but my doctor will not prescribe either one of those.

Hi Pacey: I don’t know anything about the drug you’re on, but my vision was affected by Lyrica when I was on that. I found out that Lyrica can cause permanent eye damage, so I urge you to call your doctor right away to check on this. We all have enough to deal with living with TN without adding another problem to our bodies. Be well.

It sounds like you have tried the typically most effective medicines. I have Baclofen and it was not super effective for me and gave me a horrible taste in my mouth.

Best wishes!

Pacey: When I was still on meds ( I am in remission for the last 10-12 years) I was taking 1500mg Tegretol, 30mg Baclofen and 900mg Neurontin (same as Gabapentin) daily. Never had vision problems but at 1500 mg Tegretol I would get a little spacey!

Gilbert, Suslow and Allan,

Thank you for responding. I am on 2400mg of Gabapentin a day now. I am not having any side effects but it doesn’t seem to be helping with the pain. My doctor said I can increase it so I’m planning on trying that.


Thank you for continuing to come on the site even though you have been in remission. I think it is good for all of us to now that some people do go into remission.


I am on 3,000mg of gabapentin, 1,700mg of carbamazapine, and 2,400mg of ibuprofin daily for the TN and I also have MS diagnosed in 2004 which I take a copaxone. I have had severe shocks since January 1 of this year and when I am not in bed shocking with severe pain (sometimes up to 2 hours) I have been in a deep fog (caused by what? I think it is the gabapentin because I have been on carbamazapine 600 mg daily since 2007 when the TN started and it seems that since I started adding and increasing the gabapentin I have been in the fog and seem to have more MS symptoms such as weakness of the limbs and double vision.

I have not had any major shocks for 7 weeks 2 days!!! (but whose counting?). Next step is to try to reduce the meds since I am currently very foggy almost in a drunk like stuper. I am also doing Chinese Traditional Acupuncture and trying to change my diet to help the TN/MS.

Best of luck to you in your fight against TN!