In which I am kicking myself and patting myself on the shoulder at the same time - strange picture, read on!

So I went to the dentist. It's a place I hate I am phobic after I had a dentist take out a filling minus an anaesthetic (d nt even think of imagining it - I am still some years down the line traumatised. Needless to say I wind up babbling, apologising and just a mess of human being!

I went today. A year ago I had a filling drop out, it didn't hurt and the idea of seeing the dentist scared me. So I did nothing, slowly but surely, through lack of oral hygiene (I brush but I avoid pain times and there have been enough of them to count apparently) my tooth has not only gotten worse, it is decayed and is no unsaveable. I have a wisdom tooth in the same condition too, but that is less my fault and more, it took 5 years to fully errupt and was a cow to clean. Needless to say they had a look at x-rays (done in house and in 4 minutes flat) and they looked and say they are both irredeemable. The dentist, his name is Amar - and he is gorgeous (this may be a way of getting me back in tat chair and only for the rutine your teeth are ok visits from here on out) - turns to me and he says, you must be in some pain, you have both sides with pretty severe infections.

That was news to me. I am in no pain, or at all.

Needless to say there is a filling to be done on one of my teeth - it may at a later date be a root canal, I am hoping it isn't serious, and there are two extractions to be done. They also want to do a FULL clean and descaling. My phobia can't deal with that, so they are going to have me heavily sedated for the lot. Hopefully I will remember little to none of it. I will be happy if that is the case.

I am patting me on the back for going and getting this sorted NOW, and fr not chickening out. I am KICKING myself for the fact that I could have saved one of my teeth if I had of acted ASAP. I am an idiot. I have learnt my lesson.

One thing he was impressed with, the fact that I was fairly well versed on TN, knew my stuff and was smart to alert them repeatedly and ask if there was some way I could be not alert during the procedures.

I am now being referred to a practice that can do the sedation, that takes a week so next week I will make the appointment, until then I am on 50mg of Amoxicillin - which is a derivative of Penicillin. I thought tooth ache, infections to the base of the tooth and a rotten pulp of the tooth was supposed to hurt like the dickens... am I wrong? My mother used to be in agony, and yet I am walking around like what?!