In terrible pain! What is the safest most effective surgery?

I have been pain free for about 3 or 4 years now. I could not take medication for pain because of the weird feelings I would get. I prayed and trust God for his healing. This morning I woke up and the shooting pain returns in full force. I have been pain free for so long I have forgot how painful it is. I have had three painful episodes this morning and have not eaten anything. Eating and talking triggers it. What is the safest most effective surgery? Are there any all natural cures without medication and surgery? Please help!!

hi mate

sorry your having this im in the same boat as you. nothing for 2 years and no its all back, worse than ever

I spent 16 days in the hospital due to complications after my MVD surgery. MVD surgery is the most invasive. What is going to be really vital is the experence of the neurosurgeon no matter what surgery you choose.

Nadeem said:
hi mate

sorry your having this im in the same boat as you. nothing for 2 years and no its all back, worse than ever

Do you take any medications for your pain? Does it help at all?

“Safe Surgery Saves Lives”/ World Health Organization (WHO)…Who? bob

I am so sorry for your pain. I also went years without pain after episodes that would last ten days and happen only once or twice a year. This entire summer was a nightmare of pain that was pretty unrelenting. I was taking Neurontin but couldn’t take it consistently since it made me so tired and woozy. I could only take it at bedtime so it wasn’t very effective.

I finally got in to see a neurologist in early August. He prescribed Lamictal (like James) and I take it three times a day. It has been extremely effective without making me tired. However, I just put in a call to the neurologist to see about upping my dosage (I only take 25 mg 3 times a day) because the pain has returned. It’s not nearly as bad as it was earlier this summer, but still bothering me and seems to be slowly increasing in intensity.

Like any drug, Lamictal has a long list of possible side effects, the most serious being a dangerous rash. But those symptoms effect only a small portion of those using it. I consider myself lucky (knock wood). I explained to the neurologist that I simply couldn’t take something for pain that was going to keep me in bed or at home because I was too “drunk” to drive or be of any use at work.

I wish you the best of luck and pain free days.

So sorry to read about the painful attacks of TN you are having. I had typical TN for 3 years and only took a small amount of medication to keep it under control (200mg daily of carbamazepine). Then one morning I awoke to terrible shooting pains in full force and I had to increase my medication to 900mg. I continued to have attacks until my Neurologist added Lyrica 3 times daily, which to me did not do a thing for the pain. Finally, in August of this year I seen a Neurosurgeon who looked at my MRI and told me he thought MVD surgery would be the best thing for me. I sat there and almost cried, I did not want to have surgery. But, Believe me I had tried so many things, natural cures, Vitamin’s etc.
I had already done my research on my Neurosurgeon and the Hospital he was affiliated with and both were advanced in the treatment of TN. So, two weeks later after seeing my surgeon, I had MVD surgery on Aug.30 of this year and it has been wonderful for me. My surgery lasted 2 hours, I had a blood vessel that was laying on the nerve and at one point was puncturing down into the nerve in a V pattern , so the nerve was very irritated. I was only in the hospital for 2 1/2 days and I have not had even a small shock since.
The surgery wasn’t has bad as I expected. In ICU , I was kept on pain medication so I really never experienced any pain and the next day I was given Hydocodone and Tylenol which I could have done just has well with the Tylenol alone. I did have a very stiff neck and sore head and I had to sleep upright for a couple of weeks but for the relief of not having TN attacks it has been so worth it to me.
This has been my experience with TN, Good Luck and God Bless

hi kenneth,

no surgery is totally safe, and no surgery is completely non invasive. even gamma knife; i don’t care what anyone says; a dose of radiation on your nerve is invasive.

MVD has the highest stats of producing a pain free state with no post surgical complications; numbness, increased pain, loss of motor skills, death. they still happen, but do your homework, talk to surgeons, ask for their fail rate. good ones are honest.

the destructive procedures, the ones where they stick an electrode in your face, always have side effects. permanent numbness is a guaranteed side effect of this procedure. some people have to opt for this procedure because their health precludes them from an MVD. there are possible complications with this type of “surgery” as well; the stats are increased because you’re already starting out to injure the nerve. increased pain, dense numbness, loss of motor skills, hematoma, loss of salivary gland function, lacrimal gland function etc. you get the point.

gamma knife- touted as non invasive and painless. massive radiation dosed onto your very small nerve. not always successful. limited long term stats on the safety of aiming radiation at your brainstem. some reports of necrosis and brain injury after long term observation. complications; increased pain; numbness; necrosis of brain matter, spreading of radiation. you get the point.

medication; systemic side effects, cognitive decline, dirty cocktails, no chance of nerve injury.

many decisions, not easy to choose. medicine has a long way to go .


This morning I had one episode of shocking pain that lasted a few seconds. I was able to drink fluids (very carefully) and eat soft foods on one side of my mouth. I am trusting that the pain is leaving. I still feel the pain twitching every so often and the burning pain associated with it. Right now I talk softly and eat and drink carefully so I will not trigger another shock or attack. Thanks for all the support and keep me in your prayers.

Just wanted to add. Yes! there are consequences with any surgery are procedure. I decided to choose MVD surgery because I wanted to “fix” the problem. I had taken huge amounts of medication, vitamins, B-12, etc. trying to( “fix”, control") TN, maybe it would for a very short time, then it would come right back. If had a sinus problem then “wow” the attacks were bad. Has long as I took a LOT of medication which made my life a living agony I could make it through the day. And on top of that, I lived in constant fear of when the next attack was going to happen. If I went out some where I had to make sure someone was with me. I kept at least one of my carbamazepine pills with me (crushed) so I could get it into my system quicker. TN was destroying my life in so many ways.
Since surgery, I have not had any TN pain and I have been able to start getting my life back. I am not saying it is the right choice for everyone, it has been the right one for me.

Today the pain was a burning twitching feeling but had no attacks until about 30 min. ago. Still the pain was short and the intense of the pain was not as bad. But I noticed after each attack I feel okay for about 30-45 min with no pain or twitching then it comes back with the burning and twitching. I still eat on my left side and I eat slowly and carefully. The center of the pain is under the tongue so I try not to talk .