I'm sorry to everyone I've offended

If I offended any of you with my complaints about my pain I’m sorry I realize after spending time with my dad I’m unfortunately very similar and I guess I just want to get rid of my pain so badly because I know i can be a even a better person without the pain and I appreciate all ur comments support whether I respectfully disagree or not more importantly i just knoe i can be happier without the pain also I realize what domestic or just abuse period does to people so I’m sorry I just hope Dr kim buchile is able to figure out what’s wrong with the pain behind my eye I just have alot of physical pain that makes it hard for me to cope no matter how much pain I’m in I don’t want to hurt anyone else


Justus I doubt you offended anyone. Frustrated a bit, yes, because you originally were not listening, but look at you now! Nice posts, holding conversations, considering advice being given… I think you’re doing great.

Chronic pain is a living nightmare that you’re fairly new to (no offense to you!). You’ve been at it about five years, I’ve been at it 30 years and there are other here that have even more experience. Tap into this wealth of knowledge and continue to pay attention. You never know where or when something will work.

My concern for you is that you want to be fixed, to be cured, we all want that but it may not be available right now. As an example when I started with migraines there were no migraine specific meds. None. It took five years for one to show up but now there are a dozen out there.

Keep looking for a fix but be sure to learn how to manage what you’re dealing with as well. Pain management rather than a fix will improve your quality of life as you look for a cure.

Most important you need to hang in there. We have all walked in your shoes and we will all help you keep walking.

Believe it or not you will be okay. You may be different but you’ll be okay.


Do you think the doc I’m going to see dr kim bruchile at OHSU will atleast significantly reduce my physical pain behind my eye and thanks for the great advice & support…i was a migraine sufferer as well for almost 2 years but I beat it I just hope to God I can do this with my eye pain it’s not a good feeling when people think it’s all in ur head but I’m glad I didn’t offend you I know sometimes I can be a jerk but that’s just because I want my life back more than anything in the world even a million dollar’s

Justus, we totally get what you are going through and the desperation you feel, and we want the best for you and everyone here. Sometimes friends (and we are friends here) need to differ and to point out some different ways of looking at things, and maybe some painful truths. There is so much experience and wisdom to share here. Please continue to be the thoughtful, kind and considerate person that you are. It does everyone good, especially you.

Seenie from ModSupport

Justus I don’t know anything about that doctor, sorry. What I do know is having an open mind will always help.

I think you’re getting a handle on it, if not yet physically than at least emotionally and that’s important, too. Keeping yourself on an even keel will help. High emotions can have high, often negative, impact on you physically.

I know you probably think I sound like some old hippie or something! But eventually I gave up a very successful advertising career that I loved-loved-loved because the stress wasn’t doing me any favors. I’m a better, healthier person without the stress if a career I loved and had dreamed of having my whole life.

You have to play the hand you’re dealt. And you can still win!


Do you think I’m doing the right thing by seeing dr kim j burchiel at OHSU do you think he’ll get me physically back on track

Yes, you’re doing the right thing.

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Doubt your doing the right thing at all, by seeing Dr Kim, sorry to be blunt and intend no disrespect to said Dr. What do you think he is going to do? Change your meds, suggest invasive procedures? At what cost financially and to your health? In the absence of serious pathological diagnosis, I’d save my time and money.

Do you get a headache for lack of a painkiller? Adding ‘stuff’, isn’t going to be addressing the route problem.

Despite ur extremely negative comment ima ignore it and be positive I am seeing the right doctor I know I am I know I atleast gotta try I’m not just gonna sit on my ass and hope things get better I’m going to make things better so please don’t bother me with ur negativity no more

Sorry, you posed the question, and I added the comment as to my belief, whilst I have sympathy with your predicament ( I realize it is more than that).

So your sorry to everyone you’ve offended, but don’t like a response that you yourself have asked for? and then offend myself, by your response in reply, go figure. I’m not in the business of trolling.

My response was genuine and hoping you might question if not Dr. B, what else I might I be doing to help myself?

Ohright then if not spend money and take advantage of the resources I have like OHSU and go to a doc to try to get a diagnosis what is ur suggestion how do i physically get better since you know the awnser what do I do to get rid of this complex pain behind my eye

Your still on the offensive, and want a helpful reply. Manners make th… . You’ve had 'the condition 5 years+, so it isn’t likely to be a nasty diagnosis, so don’t worry.

I’ve better things to do with my time, like slam my tackle in the door, unless you want a proper and fitting response?

Listen I really don’t care I’ll take it or leave it either way if you don’t want to be a decent person and tell me how to get rid of it then fine I’ll get someone elses support I’m not on the offensive I’ve just had it with all these non believers I’ve been to every other doc known to man alot and I mean alot of people have told me to go to OHSU so that’s what I’m doing if I was short with u my bad but don’t sit there and tell me ohsu is a bad idea when u don’t have the awnser it might not be a serious diagnosis to you but if you felt the pain I feel for the last 5 years ur diagnosis would be pretty damn serious to u I guarantee that if you have better things to do fine I don’t care


Please take a deep breath or more, calm down. I don’t say your condition isn’t a serious issue, you wouldn’t be posting on this site if it wasn’t. You don’t actually ask if I have the answer but assume I don’t, I might not, but do you give me a chance? Don’t reply this evening, maybe ask me tomorrow without the attitude, who knows I might be able to add something of help. Either way my tackle and an icepack is called for.

Your attitude, after three responses is a puzzle, could even be the solution.

Lol I’m fine and If ur trying to say it’s a psychiatric thing ur wrong but ohright take care

Hello 'moth

Nice to see you back. You probably aren’t aware of this, but this thread of Justus’s is one of several that he’s posted in the last month or so. If you go to his profile page (click on his avatar, then on the next avatar that appears) you can have a look at the discussions we’ve had before. (Or you can just click here.)

I think the background to what Justus is saying might be worth having a look at.

Dr. Burchiel
is an eminent and experienced physician. If he thinks that a non-invasive course of action would be better than surgical intervention, he’d say so, don’t you think?


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And remember, everyone, keep an open mind. As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. A different doctor may very well have a different way to come at a problem that proves to be the solution.

Take a deep breath everyone, and remember what the delete key is for.

@Justus Of course you should see Dr. Burchiel. He is one of the few surgeons in the field who “gets it” concentrating less on surgery and more on “pain”. If nothing else he will be able to cut through the red tape to get you into the pain management program OR the top docs at Casey Eye institute (a part of OHSU) Sorry to take so long to back to you.

It’s okay thanks tj and seenie yeah I think I’m hopeful about this doc and hospital if things don’t work for me there I probably will just give up but hopefully ohsu will put an end to my suffering this is really the only thing that’s been motivating me to go to work to keep breathing to keep living and I know everyone is entitled to there opinion but it’s straight up stupid of someone to not want to spend money or the time it takes to get better if ur not willing to sacrifice you obviously don’t want to get better so yeah you think dr kim burchiel will take care of it

Hi Justus
I had to take a break from here for a while.Just giving up is not a good option,but it is one.
How about you make a flow chart of all the options?
Even the most ridiculous.
One thing I have discovered is that doctors love my flow charts.I write down who I saw and for what and then move on to the next doctor they sent me to.That way they get the whole story in a single page.
Wishing you the best .