If I Watch Netflix One More Day

Trigeminal Neuralgia and cold weather go together like oil and water. It just doesn’t mix and when you try to stir the two together more the bigger the mess it makes.

So, I’ve been absolutely going stir crazy in my house. Not your average boredom of how many drawers can I rearrange today. I’m talking, hyperventilating, where’s my Xanax?kind of days! I feel the depression waiting for me, begging me to give in to its nothingness. I refuse. I’m already medicated as it is and it’s just my circumstances, I tell myself over and over. The lack of sunlight and cooler temperatures keep me in 24 hour lock down isolation, only my tv and the glimpse out of a window reminds me I do have my freedom and I’m not in a jail cell. Though both do allow me visitations from family members.

Seeking comfort in the fact that there are other Trigeminal sufferers like me holed up in their prison too, I reached out to see how they mentally deal with Old Mr. Winter.

I guess I wasn’t direct and straight forward enough on how bad I have felt emotionally on the inside. Usually, I can count on my TN family to lift me up and help me deal with the ups and downs of my new life with this chronic disease. As I read my responses this morning, I am so glad I was perceived as mainly being humorous. Because today, in my lonely, dark, panic-attack stricken moment, I laughed. I really laughed, like I haven’t laughed in a long time. I’m counting my blessings, Mom.

My Post in my TN Support Group,(crying out for help, mind you)…..If I watch Netflix one more day…..My responses are only in my head.

I was feelin that same way. So I decided I would come to my nephews bday party at the park today. Now I’m paying for it. Gotta keep up the fake smile and laughs though…that’s the worst part. I hope you feel better!

I ventured out innocently today seeking fresh air and slipped (literally heels over head) and fell on three frozen concrete steps at the Apt. entrance. Maybe I should have paid attention to freezing rain here. Ended up in ER, no broken bones but an all day drag. Have some Tylenol with Codiene for my efforts, but my head is now firing on all cylinders. I should have watched Netflicks !

ME: So, if I did go outside with my fake smiles, I’d be paying for it anyways. Lmao

All the cool kids are sitting in their houses (or their best friend’s trailer) watching Netflix all day ;)

ME: I guess I should be thankful all the cool kids aren’t in my house watching Netflix with me! Thank God, I don’t live in a trailer.

Cabin fever?

ME: No Shit!!!

I have watched 25 House episodes over 2 weekends…my husband is about to lose his mind ;)

ME: That’s kind of sad and my husband too, sweetie!!!

I” am almost through the entire House series. lol

ME: it’s not funny

You’ve got Netfilx. Lucky you.

ME: I guess I am lucky I have it.

My granddaughter is a massage therapist. You have good hands; learn to crochet or do other crafts – make things for other people – it will come back to you tenfold, and while you’re crafting, the pain won’t seem so bad…

ME: how do you know I have good hands and I was a very good massage therapist. That’s weird!! If you really knew me, I’m not crafty at all!!!

I’m watching Fringe 5 series .. I’m buying a scooter the type you stand on with a detachable seat ..Electric as I’m finding it hard to move my legs so stiff… Do you find your body gets stiff . X

ME: What the f##k. Sorry but I’m not buying an electric scooter, riding stand up in my house, knitting. No Way. Not Happening. Never. Not Me.

Weeds. Don’t have to be a pot smoker to realize how insanely funny this is. I’m not.

Me: good for you. We need it legal here though. I’m insanely funny when I smoke pot.

We quite enjoyed Marc Polo and Prison Break is supposed to be good. Not the answers you want I know, we ‘stop’at about 3 because I always get tired by then and we just relax for a couple of hours, difficult if you have children though!

Me: Is not watching 3 hours of TV relaxing?

After reading about 4-5 other’s sincere opinions on what shows to watch on Netflix, I realize I’m not alone and that does help in a weird small way. Since they aren’t freaking out on fb than neither will I. I took my chances and with a real smile, got out of the house which helped for today. I feel panic rise in my stomach about tomorrow. Then my husband tells me there is a new Ron White on Netflix to watch. I’ll save that laughter’s medicine for tomorrow.