I would like to Recommend Dr Jonathan D. Chilton in Kansas City

Dr Jonathan D. Chilton did my MVD over 5 yeas ago. After 12 years of pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia the tegretol quit working. I was in constant pain. After the operation the TN pain was gone. He said he found the main artery was grown into the trigeminal nerve like a fence into a tree trunk. He was able to separate the two and place some padding between them.

My neurologist here in KC , advised that I travel elsewhere - I'm glad you got what you needed!

Dr Chilton has people fly into Kansas City for him to do their brain surgery's on a regular basis. His success rate is very high.


you mention the main artery....are you referring to the basilar artery that was touching your trigeminal nerve?

My husband has an ectatic basilar artery causing him problems. We are very concerned about surgery as the basilar is the main artery to the brain.

Sorry, I couldn't tell you. In my surgery a hole was drilled behind the ear and the artery and the trigeminal nerve were separated. What that artery is called I couldn't tell you.