I went to my GP today

She suspects that I may have Mastoiditis … as my symptoms slowly developed after having a cold and possibly a untreated ear infection. I went to the local Dr’s three times about my ear in the early days and they just said ‘its glue ear, it will clear up’… and then as the pain developed (and the infection, if it is an infection) spread to other areas of my face.

So she has got me in to see another ENT on Friday. If she is correct, I will have to get IV antibiotics.

If it is Mastoiditis, does that mean I cant come here anymore?? lol

Well… progress towards the cause at least? Maybe? :slight_smile:
If it is, yeah, we don’t want you in our exclusive club anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it starts to feel better anyway, and if it can be sorted with antibiotics - yay!! =)

But what if there isn’t a mastoid club? lmao?

Could the Living with TN site create a Mastoid section just for me???

Thanks lovely Ro!

Im a bit worried really. Even though I have some symptoms of Mastoiditis, upon reading … I seem more likey to fit in with Meningitis (low grade, to some extent). Including memory loss … ek …

Trying not to freak myself out. Going to stop googeling now! Its never really a good idea, is it! haha. Its just so darn tempting!

When I first started getting this tiny but excruciating pain in just one spot on my jaw, I was absolutely freaked and had 100 different possibilities come back from friends and friends of friends (I didn’t know much about google then), and once I had my wisdom teeth out later that year - it stopped completely. Came back 6 years later and I was able to search to my heart’s content and then was properly diagnosed and confirmed my searching.
It’s so tempting I know!

I hope the doc can give you some clear info and is able to nail down the exact problem for you on friday. That way you can start on the right treatment ASAP =)

Hi Ro-Ro and Smurfy!

Ro, Have they tried you on IV antibiotics? My GP indicated this might be the first line of treatment.

My Mum has always said that I am WAY to involved in how things work. haha. I just HAVE to understand everything and immediately. Needless to say, I get even more so obsessed when its something to do with my health!

I think I am pretty level headed about it though. I take on information that I read, although dont really ‘stick’ it with my symptoms and automatically assume this is what is wrong. I just use it to build up my knowledge base to help me along with my treatment. I originally started searching about Neuralgia, once I got to the point I was chucking myself in hospital due to the pain I found my information useful as the Dr’s were using these words around with my treatment. So rather than being totally in the dark, I knew what they were talking about and I wasn’t scared.

I have also looked at Mastoiditis a few months ago. And due to having read about the condition prior, I am a little concerned but not terrified as I already had a little knowledge about it.

haha Ro, yes - Im leaving Google alone until I have my appointment tomorrow! Someone should give me something to Google! Hmmm … maybe … cute puppies?? haah

Tomorrow is D-day! Crossing fingers that it all goes well and you get some clear answers =)

Freeking freek freeking frik! I HATE Dr’s! I am so over it.

What’s up hun? Bad news? :frowning:

The stupid ENT told me exactly what I already know. Nothing wrong with my sinus, my ear looks fine and I have a stiff neck. I have been to the physio twice, nothing technically wrong with my neck. Its just stiff.