I took one back for our team!

The last 5 years has limited me in what I could do with my kids. Often they are happy to have me watch a movie with them or play a game!! Since the placement of my nerve stimulator my pain level has dramatically decreased:) Today I spend 12 hours with 20 middle school girls up in Cleveland watching our varsity basketball team play, hanging out at tower city and back to the Q for the CAVS game at 7:30. I enjoyed the day so much. Pain was always lurking around but, I felt pretty good all day!! I got to spend the day spoiling my little girl!! Watching my favorite sport with her!! I am so excited to be at this point in my health that I was able!! I am a winner today!! I took back one of the days that TN had previously stolen!!! ((HUGS))

That is so uplifting after you have been through. I am incredibly happy to read this and am over the moon excited for you. Yeahhhhhhh=:D also I’m doing a happy jig for you too. Hope you get to have many more great days like this. Bet your kids were so happy to be able to share this day with you as well. Here’s to many more take back days for you and everyone here.

that's great! its always nice to hear about a "good" day! Hope you are able to have lots more!