Living With Facial Pain

I think I found something that might help a lot of people with ATN


Reading here and looking for natural solutions I found several posts that talk about MFR (myofascial release), all of the posts claimed that they had an immediate reduction of their pain in a matter of minutes after the massage and some posters even came off their ATN medicine. (search for myofascial release, mfr or myofascial here on this forum, you will find the messages from the posters)

I have been suffering for a while now from left sided neck pain and recently from ATN symptoms mostly on my left side just like my neck.

I recall having a massage a few years ago from a friend which fixed my neck and shoulders and I told to myself I would try it again if I ever was to have neck problems. Well I developed neck pain again (not related to my old neck issues) but totally forgot about the massage and endured the pain for a while now, after reading about MFR here I googled it and it was the exact same massage I got before!!! (it all suddenly came back!!! Sort of a Eureka moment!!! )

I decided to look for a masseur who specializes on myofascial trigger points and went for a massage last night, the massage was painful and he massaged the base of my neck towards the front. (It made me cringe with pain at times as he pressed the painful knots)... not pleasant!!! But after 20 minutes of the massage I had regained at least 70% of neck mobility and went home relieved from a lot of my neck pain and slept WAY BETTER.... before I would wake up throughout the night to accommodate my neck because it was so sore and bought several pillows, last night I slept all night long and woke up almost neck pain free!!! (hadn't happened in a while)

I still have some pain left largely the left side still hurts when I move it, but the right side is completely relaxed!!! The left improved but like I said, it needs more work.

I asked him about my face and ATN ( the masseur never heard of ATN but told me it's not the first time he hears of people having burning lips, tooth aches or tongue pain that goes away after myofascial release on the muscles of the cheeks.)

he felt my face especially the ridge between the cheek and the ear-neck and I am tight wherever he touched, then he pressed around my cheek below the ear and it reproduced the tongue burning (he told me that is a huge sign of myofacial tightness.

I am excited with these news and I wanted to mention them here, you have nothing to lose if you wanna try it!!! (make sure the person specializes on trigger point myofascial therapy) and tell them your symptoms so they know which muscles need work.

Honestly today my neck is much more relaxed... some of the pain came back but I gained 70% mobility after the massage, today I woke up with 60% mobility, still it's way better than before the massage which was maybe 40% mobility. I am going back again next week because the muscles need to settle and heal.


Hi I also have ATN and think massage and muscles can play a roll. I had 2 teeth pulled on the left upper at this point and no change. After my 2nd tooth extraction I was rubbing my cheek because this doesn’t hurt in my case and noticed that if I pretty much shove my finger into my cheek (and for some do not do this it will make it worse) but for some ATNers it could help. Ok so I put my finger under my cheekbone and press almost like your going behind and under your cheekbone all the way to where it meets your lower jaw so in the “corner” cheekbone and coronoid process meet if you could as far as you can in and under and if I wiggle my fingers back and fourth theres either a tendon or muscle not sure I feel in there… feels like a tight rubber band… also I rub this area and also push upward and out on my cheekbone…I notice this is not there on my opposite side…anyway this seems to calm the pain down and every time the pain comes on I do this immediately and it helps a lot. After my tooth extractions and this seeming to help I am going to see a Neuromuscular dentist that uses a k7 and tens machine to measure your bite and muscles and have orthotic made that adjusts your jaw and puts your muscles at rest. NOT a regular night guard these are way different cant hurt anything to try before trying some brain surgery. Anyway wondering if I have some sort of muscle dystonia where my muscles wont relax and stuck tightening. I have had doctors tell me there guess is as good as mine…… The look I have when I hear this is priceless … 8 years of school???.. I know its random but Always hope anything I post can help or even be a clue for someone suffering…We are not alone I pray for all the TN people out there I have never met that they may find answers and relief.


In my research I have found that we can often developTMJ as a result of our impairments and strategies to reduce pain and injury. The lateral pterygoid is the muscle you are “releasing” when you are pushing that upper gum area in the back of your mouth. Please research lateral pterygoid exercises and releases, as well as get a diagnosis from one of your providers. I am excited to soon be seeing a physical therapist who specializes in treating temporomandibular joint disorders, as my jaw is now deviating to the weaker side- not pretty! Good luck.