I think an unwanted visitor has returned

I was doing so well for a couple of years. I’d be going through Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments, and feeling pretty good as long as i kept up with it month to month. For a few months I’ve noticed this pain that I’ll call cheek bone pain. This is new. As I sit here it feels like I have been hit in the face and maybe have a bruised bone. ( This did not happen, so i know it isn’t something that happened externally). If I touch the area, it feel almost like when there is an abrasion. Add to this the burning pain near my lower jaw/mouth has returned. When I wake up it is gone. But as the day progresses it gets worse. Is it back? Tell me it isn’t back. I thought I kicked it. I’d love an alternative answer.

If your pain is back, then think seriously about what to do before you leap into any radical treatments for it. I say this, because when my pain began to return after four years of relative quiet, I quickly went for a second stereotactic radio surgery since the first one was successful. Unfortunately, I ended up with a complication known as Anesthesia Dolorosa. This is a serious irreversible and painful situation. It involves numbness and pain that never goes away in place of the pain that was there before the procedure. Plus, the pain that I had the procedure for may very likely return in a few years or less. I cannot have the procedure done again, or more permanent pain may likely result. I am pretty much sunk. I am already on a good number of medications as well. Good thing I am 68, and not younger with a family, or in a situation where I must have a job to support myself. I am thankfully retired.


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Dot, have you been previously diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia? If so, were you ever treated for it (meds, surgery?) It "sounds like it could be that, but then again I’m not an expert doctor. The constant “burning” is one of the symptoms (sometimes). The fact that it goes away during sleep is common also. I’ve had it for 20+ years. I would have that burning feel at times, sometimes electric shock feelings. I was treated with meds and gamma knife, and later cyber knife. The one thing I can tell you is this based on my experience…get with a good neurologist and neurosurgeon. Generally speaking, the bigger the city the more qualified the doctor that can help. They are not the same; that I can attest to! Neurologists vary. You have to get with one thats had TN experience and a lot of it. That is, IF its TN you have. My symptoms are greatly reduced but still there, off and on. Tegritol, Gabapentin, Trileptal are some of the meds that can help. Sometimes surgery helps; sometimes not. Bottom line: call around for neuros and neurosurgeons. The bigger the city, the better due to quality and experience. Let us know. Also, see Notafraid’s comment.

Yes. Diagnosed a couple of years ago. Had been on some different meds. No procedures because I fought the diagnosis. It’s a hard pill to swallow to be diagnosed with something with no known cause. I’d tried multiple remedies but only started feeling better after the chiropractic care. Was hoping it was a forever fix.

Ugh. That is terrible. I’m so sorry you not only did not see relief but you were gifted with a greater pain.
Best of luck to you.

I have had TN 3 times. Tried meds first, then gamma knife, then MVD. Gamma lasted 8 years, and MVD lasted 11 years. This is third round and I am taking oxcarbazepine. Working great, take 2 per day. Been 8 months and Dr says I have to have another Gamma knife if medicine stops working. Wish you all the best, this is an awful thing. Mark

Dear d0tcalm,
So sorry about ypur pain :cry: recurring!
I am sort of going through the same thing myself. I know that mine is worse when there is a thunder storm.
Is the weather bad where you are now?
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Not any different than usual that I can tell.
Thank you, I hope you feel better soon too.

Sorry to read about your pain. As you will have researched the condition you’ll have found out that there are a few reasons for contracting TN.

The first to exclude are either dental work damage or a facial injury that has impacted your Trigeminal Nerve. I would also advise on having an MRI with contrast as this would show any blood vessels that are pressing on the nerve. It would also rule out tumours or demyelination on the nerve.

I actually have one of the Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalagias, SUNCT and I’m even rarer than most as my pain can swap sides in between attacks.
When it comes to medications there is no one size fits all. What might work for another person, might not be suitable for you and vice versa. It really is a trial of each possible medication and having time to see if it benefits you.

Good luck in your quest to find the help to relieve/reduce your pain.
It is also worthwhile trying to find a Neurologist and possibly a neurosurgeon whom have experience of these condition s.