I never had GPN in the first place. Doctors' misdiagnosis lost me almost two years

22 months since diagnosis, I am now 95% pain free. My neurologist misdiagnosed what turned out to be SCM trigger point pain referral. Solved with trigger point injections, chiropractic, and physical therapy. Thousands of dollars later and countless weeks of lost productivity, and my problem wasn't GPN at all. Be your own best advocate. Ask the right questions. Doctors often do what's most convenient for themselves. Not you.

What was it ??

What were your symptoms

This link here outlines the symptoms and its causes pretty well:

SCM trigger point pain referral

Depending on the branch of the muscle that is having the problem, the referral pain area is different, as are some of the non-pain symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, and vertigo. Both branches of the muscle were giving me problems, and that's probably why the doctors didn't have a specific thing to target. It just made me look and sound crazy.

It was a complete sea change when I figured out what was causing the problems. I took control and now am so much better. Hope this info helps.

This is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your information. I agree with you about being your own advocate!! It is always good to hear that people are getting better!