I need recommendations

I am currently seeing my family doctor for my TN and will have my MRI on Wednesday. She is the one who diagnosed me and put me on the Tegretol. I imagine after the MRI, she will want me to go to a neurologist/neurosurgeon. Does anyone have a good referral for one in the Memphis, TN area? Thanks!

Did you look under the Doctors Tab above?

No, sorry didn't see that. I am a newbie :-) Thanks!

Best of luck as you begin your journey. This group is full of info. Navigate your way around with the tabs at the top, you will find all kinds of help. And do not hesitate to ask questions, even if it's just how to find the help. Everyone on here is in the same boat, and we all wish you well.

You DO need to educate yourself and learn as much as you can. You will be your own best advocate.

Your family Doctor is following typical protocol and has you on the right track. I echo Coartchick - use the tabs above and explore the site. There are lots of people here willing to answer any questions you post. You will likely find answers if you browse some old posts.

GL and Take Care,