I have TN1 pain and I think I need a root canal. Please help

I’ve been struggling with my TN1 fare up for a few months now. I am so confused and distraught and I’ve made so many posts on here I bet everyone is sick of me. I just need advice. I am 23 and I was diagnosed when I was 19. I have had remissions but about 8-9 months ago (while in remission) I cracked my tooth, it wasn’t bad so I let it go, then it broke completely and it is on the same side as my TN. I went to my dentist and he said I would need a root canal and a crown but I couldn’t afford it so I let it go. I don’t know who to make an appointment with as I no longer have a dentist and my previous dentist didn’t know I had TN. Should I see an oral surgeon? If there’s infection in the root would that cause my TN to flare? Would it go away if I got a root canal? I need help… I don’t know where to turn and I am so stressed I can’t eat or sleep. I can’t take this anymore… I am only 23 and I just want to be normal. I’m so upset. Please help if you can. Any information you have helps.

Hi Cheyane
No one is sick of you.You are allowed to post however much you need to.
You are young.
I don’t think anyone knows the answers.maybe they can say what happened to them.
Please remember what it is like in remission.
And aim for that feeling.

An endontist is the dental specialist you need to see. A root canal shouldn’t be a problem IF they can do it. What an oral surgeon will want to do in conjunction with a younger dentist’s are doing is an extraction and ridge augmentation. Its the new money procedure for these guys. They are replacing the old root canal and crown procedure with it. This would be the single WORST thing you could do.

A root canal is inside an existing nerve “container” and the risk is lower especially if its an upper tooth. so it doesn’t risk irritating or damaging any nerve trunks (facial nerves) the tooth nerve is seperate (more or less) The last thing you want is drilling into good bone which is what the oral surgeon will do.

An infection in the root can cause what seems like a flare but IT can be treated with antibiotics, steroids, and NSAIDS as it is primarily just inflammation. Until that is cleared up nothing else should be attempted or even considered. This is one case where there is a difference between a DMD and DDS. A DMD has usually (not always but ask)served a medical residencey (at least year) with both anesthesiology and related neurology. Few endontists are not DMDs. While the in actual practice of Dentistry the two degrees are the same for licensure there are some differences in training.

Good luck.

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Once again–excellent advice from the mods!!

Thank you so much. I can’t stress enough how helpful you are. I am trying to do this on my own and being 23 I have no idea what to do sometimes. I get so scared and unsure. I called the dentist office I’m going to tomorrow and asked them if they could just do x-rays and speak with me … I asked if they had a panoramic machine and they said yes and that’s most likely what they would be using. I explained to the receptionist how scared I was… I don’t think she really cared much but I don’t think X-rays and possible antibiotics would be a bad choice. Thank you all for your advice. It means so much. I’m so scared every day.

The mods always come through.
They know the ropes.
Let us know how it goes.
Lots of people here.You do not need to go it alone.

Just an update everyone … I had a panoramic x-ray done today. They found a build up of infection in my root and she also mentioned a wisdom tooth very close to my nerve. She said I should see an oral surgeon/ endodontist once I finish my antibiotics… as I may need a root canal or an extraction. What are your thoughts on this? If I get the wisdom tooth removed or the root canal do you think it would cure my TN? I am honestly petrified of having any dental work because I don’t want my pain to get any worse.

Hi Cheyanne Congratulations.You did one thing that you were terrified of and you got through it.
And you now have antibiotics.Please let us know if that helps reduce the pain.
I am guessing the moderators will suggest you see an endodontist.Maybe your neurologist knows one who works on TN patients.
Also-just for now-be concerned about the tooth with the infection.
You have info about the wisdom tooth-but it is not necessarily the problem this time.
I hope fixing this infection fixes your pain

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Great to hear that you are making progress on dealing with this! I think taking care of the infection (through having a root canal) could help a lot. The antibiotics might help temporarily, but the root canal is really the thing that is going to get rid of the infection. Hopefully the root of the tooth is still intact, and won’t require an extraction (like mine).

I would be very leary about messing with the wisdom tooth, so what if it is next to a nerve. Having a wisdom tooth removed is a common cause of nerve issues. If someone recommends removal, I would get a second opinion for sure.

Thank you everyone. I’m taking things slower and trying to calm my nerves. I really appreciate all of your wonderful words. You guys are so wonderful.


I just had a root canal in December and it was fine up until I got the permanent crown placed in february. A good endodontist will be familiar with TN and be cautious with you. My last flareup happened when the permanent crown went on and something happened during that fitting. My dentist (not my endodontist) tapped the tooth/crown with a hammer to get it on better and I am convinced that caused all of this. It was an ill fitting crown and still doesn’t feel quite right. So if anyone tries to tap you with a hammer just say hell no, lol. I really hope you are on your way to healing and getting better and this goes away. It is so exhausting dealing with this disorder. I, too, just want it to go away, as do all of us. Ugh. It is awful.

I just finished 3 root canals to my upper left front teeth. I dosed up and the endodontist was very familiar with TN. There was no problems with the procedure except when the nurse blew air on my left cheek. I had to stop all and tell her.

I must admit after it, my TN reared over 10 and Si took an optiod in addition to my pain meds. I needed it twice in the 5 weeks of procedures.

You can do it!

Cheyane, several months have passed. How are you doing?

Seenie from Moderatorl Support