I have hope!

For 9+ years I have hope I will become paint free this Friday! The mri taken 3 weeks ago showed an artery pressing against the nerve. I learned this Monday and now scheduled for mvd surgery Friday.

I have a lot of faith in my neurosurgeon. He gave me a pamphlet they provide explaining treatments available. Here's the best part, 'Living with tn' is named for support! This is a wonderful website for support and my neurosurgeon must agree too!

Also my neurosurgeon is listed in this website for Dr's.

FRIDAY IS HERE! Nervous but I am also peaceful.

Good luck Kelli I am sure you will do great...I have my MVD 30 yrs ago and been blessed to be pain free ever since. Here is to a pain free life starting today. Keep us posted

I am home! Surprised the Dr let me come home Sunday.

Not sure why, but the surgery took 5 hours, not the 3 hours we had expected. They did find a vein compressing against the nerve. I have no tn pain!

Overall I feel okay. I am experiencing the tiredness and light headed. Not in much pain. The only time I take pain medication in the middle of the night. I start off sleeping on non surgical side. I must roll over and lay on the surgical side.

The biggest complaint I have is the numbness. From the top to bottom of my face. Plus the tongue. I believe the numbness is beginning to wear off. I am having tingling and tickling sensations.