I have a really stupid question

I just got the lidocaine from my pain dr. The directions say apply to affected area as needed for pain. My question is do i apply to the entire right side of my face? I also have occipital neuralgia so how can i apply it without getting it in my hair? The lidocaine is in jel form getting it in my hair means washing my hair alot and washing my hair causes pain. I dont want to wash my hair more than i need to. So now what to do? Suggestions please…

I have it in cream format, I tend to apply mine from my temple down along in front of my ear, ( no hair gets touched) and along my jaw…sometimes also along my nose.
I don’t use the patches as my skin is sensitive to them.
I avoid applying too close to my eyes and hairline.
Try a small area first, avoiding too close to your hair to see how it goes.
Wish I could shove it in my ear !!
Good luck, Mimi

Put a headband type hair thing

to pull all your hair back from your face

then apply only on your pain paths - cut it up into pieces

near eyes = not too close