I am interested in the possibility of long-lasting slow acting local anaesthetic For TN

Hello people

I have TN and had a MVD in 2006. The pain is back and is worst each winter (and that is now down here).

I also have had a Tornwaldt Cyst that really played havoc with my diagnosis until I had it removed in 2010. There is a branch of the Trigeminal nerve that ran over the top of the cyst.

Now I have the great pleasure of a Prolapsed L5 S1 back. We have Floods in Brisbane here last year and thats when I did my back in.

Any way as part of the treatment for my back I had facet joint injections recently and the pain in my back is just gone. absolutly fantastic.

They injected a long-lasting slow acting local anaesthetic Bupivacaine or Marcaine from memory.

Now the injections are woking on the back l5 S1 Nerves (my understanding) and the anaesthetic is long lasting 1 month so far. Reports are the treatment lasts 1 week to 1 year

So the question I have is can this be used on the Trigeminal nerve even if its at a branch etc?

IE if like me its the left side upper face under the eye mostly an injection may give relief for decent amount of time perhaps and possibly give the sufferer the ability to lower their drug intake (this would be a major benifit IMO)

I am going to ask the specialist who did the injection if this is possible.

Note the specialist is a pain specailist.

I intend to get a referal back to him ASAP for TN only to see what options he can provide.

any thoughts feedback?

Hi…sorry to hear that ur TN is back…that stinks!! I have gotten a series of 3 trigeminal nerve blocks and a series of 2 sphenopalatine nerve blocks. The first of each series lasted 2 weeks and each one after that lasted a whole 6 hours…I was hoping for a miracle cure too!!

Here we had a man who had Ketamine (usually for dosing horse tranquilizer) -- infused in him over 5 day period. It was in a military hospital. It can last from weeks/months/year --- keep searching and let us know what you find!

I have never heard of this -- please keep us posted - and I pray for you. It sounds like you have had very difficult times, much more so than myself.

Hi I have an Update

I have completed the Facet Joint injection trial on my back and am now am moving on to a proceedure called Radio Frequency Facet Joint Rhizotomy. This should give me very good relief from pain in my back as the injections worked so well.

Now! The injections will not work for TN due to the nature of the Facet Joint Nerve Vs the TN Nerve.

The TN nerve is both a sensory nerve and a Motor Nerve where as the Facet Joint Nerve is just a sensory Nerve.

In fact the facet joint Nerve is a sceondary Nerve and the TN Nerve is a primary Nerve and critical to the fuction of the face, Jaw toung teeth. If all three branhes of the TN nerve were to be rendered useless then that side of your face will not work effectively. (This is second hand information of course feel free to correct me)

So the injections they use else where will not work on the TN nerve.

Next is that the blood flow is much much higher so that any anasetic quatasone etc will only last a very short time. The injection in my back lasted 5 weeks.

If I could get an injection in my TN nerve and get 100% pain free coverage for 5 weeks I would be getting that injection every 5 weeks!!! I bet 90 % on here would as well as long as it was cost effective and the side effects were similare to what I had in my back.. IE None.

So the up date is that none of what I hopedcould be adapted can. Im not suprised

My TN is bad atm. As its winter this is to be expected.

I am off for the Rhizotomy proceedure this coming friday

Next I am going to ask and ask and ask what new treatments are avaliable for all for TN.

Surely there has to be an answer

I supose we just have to keep asking