Human pin cushion

I don't know about anybody else, but I hate all the blood work involved with taking these medications. I have really deep veins and it takes several people several times to accomplish this goal. And today was no exception. I walked away with two bruises, one on each arm. But they didn't get the blood from there. No, it took 4 people and the last one finally got it out of my hand. Man, do I hate those!!! And this is what I get to look forward to again...oh joy.

It's the small stuff like this that gets annoying and depressing at the same time. And people wonder why we don't want to deal with the petty everyday things. We all have our own problems and pains to contend with, let alone all the drama around us. I think I would be better off just being a hermit. The less I talk, the less pain I feel. But, the reality is, we all need the support of someone. We can't stay barricaded as much as we'd like to. I know that, but it still stinks!!!

I don't know if anybody else has this problem, but I live in a rural area, so finding help or even different people to do the blood draw is difficult. Getting any type of help down here is next to impossible without having to drive at least 50-60 miles. This is where I really miss being in a big city. It's so hard to get good quality care around here. And that's how I ended up being a human pin cushion today...

Hope everybody had a good day today...


I can truly sympathize with you regarding the pain and bruising from blood work. I have always had problems with blood work as they have to try multiple times and then it would leave me with big black and blue places. I was diagnosed with TN when I was 17, so I went to a children’s hospital until I was 19 and always had them take blood work which was a world of difference as they were amazing. They told me to ask the person that takes your blood to use a butterfly catheter or the smallest needle they have. That makes all the difference in the pain and barely leaves any black and blue spots. Now anytime time I have blood work done, I always asked for a butterfly catheter or the smallest need. I was told that anyone good that does blood work can use one of those options. It seems all the good health care is in big cities and it means either driving or dealing with people that are less that adequate.