Living With Facial Pain

Howdy to Kari100 from Texas


Welcome to Living With Facial Pain! I think you came to the perfect place to feel connected to a larger community of people dealing with TN Wow I’ve never seen a catahoula puppy until your profile prompted me to Google it - but they sure are pretty haha. While you may be dissapointed to have to retire earlier than planned, I’m sure that getting to relax with your family will be just what the doctor ordered for getting you into tip-top shape!

Now that you’ll have a lot of extra spare time, I’d encourage you to start getting involved in discussions - so that you can share your experiences with the rest of our great members. You can also check out the “How To Use This Site” tab up top for some useful beginner tips.

I wish you the best - and don’t be afraid to holler at me if you have any questions!

Hey Kari, welcome!

I’m Seenie, and I’m one of the lead moderators in these parts. What caught my eye was “puppy”! OK, I’m a dog-lover, and I couldn’t resist checking out what a catahoula is either. Looks like a real love-bug to me, and perfect for taking to your country home!

We’re glad that you found us, Kari, and we hope that you will be glad too. Make yourself at home here: you’re amongst friends who “get it”.

Seenie from Moderator Support