How to take care of your young child when you are in pain

Hello there my name is Keara and I am pregnant and have a 3 year old daughter. We used to go out and do stuff but now I can not talk without being in pain and I feal like I am a horrable mom because I can not even take care of her really. How can you take care of your child when you can not even talk to her or explain to her what to do or not to do. The worst part is I can not even give her kisses and when we hug and she touches my cheek I go into a worst pain. She can not see what is wrong with me so when the pain gets really bad and I start to cry she does not understand what is wrong and I have a hard time expaining it. My husband tries to help but becasue of the pain I am home all day with my daughter becasue I can not work or do anything about the pain due to my pregnancy. If anyone has any ideas that can help me please do becasue I am at a loss and just feal horrable. Please help!

Hi. I am a father of 2 wonderful little girls. Both of which are high energy. I often feel like a horrible dad for not being able to do anything. This post caught me after a full 24 hours in bed, not even able to get up to give them hugs.

You will find one thing out about kids, even when you are not able, they are. They both on their own came up to me very gently and gave me hugs and kisses all day. It was the most wonderful thing as a dad. Even at 5 and 3 they understand.

The only thing I can suggest is to make the best of each moment. When I am able to, I take them skating, or sledding, or even play in the snow (that one is the easiest really, just put them in snowsuit and watch :) )

The truth is your kids will love you no matter what. It's only one day at a time to them.

Keep reminding yourself this.... They only have ONE mom and that is you. They know no different so to them it is normal.

Give them the love you can and the care you can, that is all we can give. If you try to push too hard you will find yourself back in bed.....

Hope this helps.