How to Share a Discussion via Email to the Entire Membership of a Community

JC, the moderator on Ataxia and Lupus, pioneered sending an email with a Discussion from the support community to members. We found that it was a great way to increase participation on the site and get people the help they dearly needed. Here's a quick tutorial with how to do this.
Before I get into how to do it, please don't send too many of these messages out a day. 3 is the maximum and 1 or 2 is probably best per day. Maybe on larger networks send out 3 because Discussions are harder to find. Please coordinate with your fellow moderators. We don't want to swamp members' email boxes.
Basically we're trying to remind people of the support group and also get some answers for people that need them. If we send out too many, members will unsubscribe their email and then we will have no way of reaching them. Then they might forget to check in. :)
Here's how to do it complete with a screenshot pointing you to the right links and buttons to click.
1) Click Share (hyperlink) on the Discussion Page. It's right below the Like Button.

2) Click More Options (hyperlink)

3) Click the box that says, "Share Item with All Members and then click Send Message.

You're all done!