How to make it without taking anticuvlsants

I am so tired of Neurontin or any of these anticonvulsant meds! My brain feels scrambled all the time. Plus I feel like I have a severe case of ADD. All mixed with menopause. I don’t see how people have a job on these type meds. Plus still have pain! I wonder if a Dr would just prescribe klonopin only for the pain? Since mine is ATN, I think it would take care of it better. And if so don’t you think a pain management Dr would be the one for that…not a neurologist? I have not been to either, just my GP. Was trying to hold out till I get insurance, but I don’t think I can. Bless you all!

Good morning me.

I have both TN and ATN and I totally understand the menopause issue. I have been on disability since the end of November last year. No way I can do my job while on these meds. I am on small doses of slow release Carbamazepine and even that makes my brain dull. But I would rather be dull than in so much pain. I have learned to laugh at myself often. Most days it’s either laugh or cry and I cry ugly. Stay strong!

I also have both, started with tn1 about 22 yrs. ago and a couple yrs. later tn2, it has just progressed over the yrs.I also have bad migrains. My migrains have been greatly improved by lyrica. Yesterday was the 1st. migrain I have had in months. It still wasn't near as bad as it has been in the past, it hasn't seem to help anything else. I have been real lucky this time with side effects, so far they have went away after a week or so. That wasn't the way it was 20yrs. ago and the anticonvulsants didn't help either and the neurologist kept increasing the doses untill I was walking into walls driving over cribs, I had a very hard time working that way. I am also on 1200mgs.of trileptol a day. The side effects weren't bad this time and they went away in a week or so. This is the one that had me walking in walls, made me very panicky for no reason20yrs.ago. it is not helping after more then a month. I thought it would help some of the burning, boring, aching, etc. pain, but it hasn't, I just hung up from the talking to the office at the neurologist asking if they could switch the trileptol to nurotin (sorry about spelling) and to se if he would perscibe klonapin he said yes to the klonapin, he wanted to do that 1st. But he only gave me 0.5mgs. I was on it for yrs.they were afraid I would feel like I was drunk. I need help and it will for a little while. I told them I just need a break from all this pain for a min.! and he did give it to me for tn.if I had 6mgs. It would stop most of the pain for a few hrs.and it would actually help me beable to function. I don't know why it works for me that way but it does! everyone is so different when it comes to meds.Diludid will also stop the pain but I cant find a Dr. that will give that to me. My gp will not do -----! Th neurologists says he can't. I am also miserable! I see my therapist this afternoon he said he would be my advocate we shall see. I need a new gp.and pain Dr. I just hung up the ph.from talking to the nurse that helped with my failed gamma knife back in 2004, He is and was AWESOME. He is calling the neurologists now to see if he will increase klonapin. He also took down my ins. info. and will see if HE can find me a pain Dr.. I am sooo sorry that you have to deal with this also! I am sorry you don 't have ins. I would not beable to do anything! I am blessed in so many ways! When I hurt like this it is so hard to count my blessings. Sorry that I used this to also vent.wishing you much relief! Praying you find the right meds.Soft HUGS!!!

Here is my list from others on this site for other meds…